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How Do You Use an Exercise Ball?

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • An exercise ball can be easy and even fun to use and is found in many stores nationwide.
  • There are many different exercises with an exercise ball that work many muscle groups.
  • The exercise ball is intended to be a good supplement to your routine in that it can yield great results when combined with other exercises.

We all know that it’s not uncommon for sincere people to throw down hundreds of dollars on the latest piece of exercise equipment, only to let it lie dormant within a few months of being brought home.

But the exercise ball is one of those things that many people find so easy and even fun to use, that they never stop using it once they start.

So how do you use an exercise ball?

One of the best things about the exercise ball is its versatility.

How you use it really depends on your goals. It’s wonderful for strength training of the midsection and upper body which in turn, makes for a more efficient workout when using other exercises aimed at the same muscle groups.

An exercise ball is also great for balance, strengthening the legs, and toning up the rear end.

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How Do You Use an Exercise Ball If You’re Extremely Overweight?

Unlike some other pieces of exercise equipment, the exercise ball will be beneficial for many different weights. Some manufacturers make exercise balls specifically for those who would be considered obese, with weight limits of 500 to 600 pounds. You can find exercise balls at most sporting goods stores and nationally known department store chains.

If you’re aiming for a flatter or more defined stomach you should do simple exercises that will begin to help tone your muscles and midsection. An easy one, to begin with, involves sitting on the ball, feet flat on the floor, and using your rear end to move the ball in small circles. Rotate 20 circles in one direction, then 20 more in the other direction. This easy exercise will get you used to balancing on the exercise ball while toning your rear end and your thighs at the same time.

Once you get comfortable you can move on to other exercises such as laying on your back with the ball on your legs, and raising and lowering your rear end for 10 to 20 reps. This exercise works the abdominals and the lower back. Ball squats are another good option, but they tend to be an exercise for someone with a little more experience using an exercise ball.

Do You Use an Exercise Ball as Your Only Means of a Workout?

If you normally don’t do any type of exercise at all, using an exercise ball as your exclusive source of a workout is better than nothing. But if you have a regular routine, the exercise ball is intended to be a supplement rather than a replacement. No piece of exercise equipment is sufficient, on its own, to give you a well-rounded workout.

You can work with a personal trainer to develop a workout plan that includes your exercise ball, a tread climber or treadmill, and maybe some free weights among other things. The idea is to find the best combination of exercises that will help you meet your goals.

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If I Do Use an Exercise Ball, Do I Still Have to Control My Diet?

Controlling what you eat is absolutely essential in maintaining a healthy body weight. A personal trainer or nutritionist can help you develop a weekly diet plan that will provide you the proper amount of calories as well as the energy you need to maintain your workout routine. Just remember that the most important part of your diet is calorie intake.

The exercise ball is a wonderful addition to your daily routine as a supplement to your other exercises. It’s also a great way to begin a new exercise program if you currently don’t have one. The exercise ball you purchase should have a guide with basic exercises to get you started right away. The Internet is also a vast resource where you can find all kinds of ideas to effectively use your exercise ball.

All you need to do to get started is check with your doctor and then go buy your ball. Your exercise routine, combined with proper nutrition, will put you well on the road to losing weight.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Do you need to go to the gym to lose weight?

No! Proper nutrition is a great first step towards losing weight. Movement of any kind is also beneficial. If you can’t afford a gym membership or do not have time to go to the gym, try some bodyweight exercises at home, go for walk or run, or get some movement in at your local park!

What is NEAT?

NEAT is an acronym and stands for non-exercise activity thermogenesis. It refers to the energy used to do everything outside of eating, sleeping, and purposeful exercise. By increasing your neat (taking the stairs, fidgeting, doing the dishes, etc., you can burn more calories throughout the day

How do you get the motivation to exercise?

There are many ways to find motivation to exercise. Here is a great article for more information on the topic.

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