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How much money does a personal trainer make?

If you're considering a career in fitness, you're probably wondering, 'how much money does a personal trainer make?' A personal trainer's salary typically starts at $25,000 but the earning potential is unlimited. The facility you use, your employment type, and accessibility can all contribute to your personal trainer salary. Keep reading to learn how to earn the income of your dreams as a fitness professional!

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UPDATED: May 31, 2021

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  • The average yearly salary of a personal trainer typically ranges from $25,098 to $50,537.
  • The difference in the personal trainer’s salary depends on factors like gym location and trainer experience.
  • Maximizing income as a certified personal trainer is easier with the appropriate gym management software.

Personal training has become a popular career choice and in-demand occupation that can be lucrative. How much money does a personal trainer make?

Like many other in-demand jobs, personal training has become very competitive and the potential salary has a wide range. Gym management software can make daily operations quicker and easier so you can make more money as a personal trainer.

Career opportunities in the personal training field have increased greatly over the last five years. As more people become health-conscious, and as scientific data relating to health, fitness, and wellness has become readily available, many people are choosing workout programs that include a personal trainer.

We’ll highlight the potential outcomes and factors that determine how much money a personal trainer makes. Learn how to make even more money with’s fitness business software by booking a demo today!

Do personal trainers get paid well?

There are many factors that go into the difference in the personal trainer pay scale. By taking these factors into consideration and customizing your career, you can make the money you want as a personal trainer.

So, how much do trainers make? The average yearly salary of a personal trainer ranges from $25,098 to $50,537.

Personal trainers who work at a gym will typically get paid on the lower end of the salary spectrum. As an employee of a workout facility, you will most likely be paid an hourly wage and will not be working at building up a specific client base.

Your clients will be those who purchase gym memberships. Oftentimes, these clients come and go quickly. The commercial gym pay structure is usually not an ideal long-term choice for personal trainers. In most scenarios, you’ll lose about 40% of the profit from each training session to the gym that you’re working for.

The next level of the pay scale for personal trainers is working for a private company. Many Fortune 500 companies and other large corporations employ personal trainers to help employees meet their fitness goals. Working for a private corporation can get you a higher salary and increased benefits in most cases.

The high end of the salary scale is for those who decide to start a personal training business or those who are hired on a one-on-one basis. Going to a client’s home will pay more than working at a gym or private corporation.

Can personal trainers make 100k?

Though this is a challenge, it’s not impossible for trainers to eclipse six figures. In many states, average trainers take in over $75,000.

Offering a unique service that is catered to your clients can help improve your income as a personal trainer and business owner.

Is personal training a good career? Personal training can be a rewarding career but, like all jobs, there are pros and cons. You may have to work odd hours of the day to accommodate your clients’ schedules and your clientele might not be consistent.

Many people prefer to work out at home or in a place where they feel comfortable with someone who can guide them along.’s workout software can help personal trainers create and deliver workouts for clients to do anywhere, anytime.

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Why Have Personal Trainers Become so Popular?

Many people in the personal training industry equate the increase in the popularity of personal trainers with the reality television shows that depict large amounts of weight loss that happen while working with a personal trainer. Others equate the increase with the fact that more information on living a healthy lifestyle is available today than ever before.

Whatever the reason, the demand for personal trainers has tripled over the last five years.

In a busy world, going to a gym may not always make sense, so a personal trainer can add the convenience people are looking for. Personal trainers can also customize plans specific to an individual’s body type and fitness goals.

In addition to this, a personal trainer adds motivation. If you are relying only on yourself to go to the gym, no one is holding you accountable.  If you have a personal trainer coming to you, you may be more likely to keep the appointment and do the work.’s software includes website design and custom-branded fitness apps so your clients can be held accountable 24/7.

Going to a gym can be overwhelming to those who don’t normally exercise or those who have a larger amount of weight to lose.

Starting with a personal trainer can ease some of the uncertainty and help an individual lose some initial weight so that going to a gym is not as intimidating.

Many people starting a workout routine want to start with a personal trainer to be sure they are exercising safely. Others aren’t certain that they are doing the right exercises, using proper form, or seeing the progress they should. offers an assortment of automated features, a workout library, and gym ecommerce software so that you can sell workouts, nutrition plans, fitness assessments, and anything else that might help guide prospective clients towards their goals while making you more money.

How Do I Become a Personal Trainer?

There are many roads to becoming a personal trainer. You can do as little as complete online training in six months, to as much as studying for degrees in Exercise Science. This is what makes this career so appealing!

You don’t have to spend years getting ready, but you can start working and continue training while on the job.

There are many personal trainer accrediting agencies that offer training and education online prior to taking a test at a testing center. So your options are many. Most of these agencies offer an array of certifications that can help personal trainers expand their knowledge and value.

Once you become a personal trainer you can use management software to track your client’s progress, send invoices, and create proposals. Don’t wait to book a demo to see how’s gym management software can help you make more money through personal training.

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