3 Steps to Develop Grit (These Will Transform Your Fitness Business)

Get the Basics...

  • Grit isn’t just some static quality that’s just there — it can be developed
  • Grit is about having hope you can overcome adversity
  • Be intentional about everything you do

This week we are continuing with our Editor-in-Chief’s notes from Angela Duckworth‘s Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance (referral link)!

Here’s a quick summary of how to go about developing grit in your own life: “Grit is the tendency to sustain interest in and effort toward very long-term goals.”

Grit and How to Get It

  1. It requires deliberate practice – You need to have a specific goal of improving. Each practice session needs to be intense and focused, with immediate feedback available. A nap is highly recommended after this kind of exertion!
  2. It helps to view your work as your calling – Research has shown that people who view their job through the lens of a calling are more satisfied with their work. Also, those people missed third fewer days of work!“What matters is whether the person doing the work believes that laying down the next brick is just something that has to be done, or instead something that will lead to further personal success, or finally, work that connects the individual to something far greater than the self.”
  3. You must cling to hope! – Start with the expectation that your effort can improve. Practicing optimism increases hope. If you search for ways to change your circumstances, chances are good that you will find at least one way. Once you stop looking, you will never find a way to change things, and you’ll end up losing hope.“When you have setbacks and failures, you can’t overreact to them. You need to step back, analyze them, and learn from them. But you also need to stay optimistic.” 

Catching any general themes here? It’s so important to be intentional about your language and mindset in order to develop grit!

Having an optimistic mindset about growth is hard. Why not talk to our team? We’ve worked with countless fitness professionals!

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How can you encourage your employees or clients to develop more grit in their lives? Schedule a demo with our team to talk through what being gritty in your business might look like.