Interview with Chris Smith and Train Better Fitness would like to introduce you to Chris Smith, the founder of Train Better Fitness! Train Better Fitness is based out of New York City and is a performance training company who strives to help clients reach their goals.

With the slogan of “Train Harder, Train Smarter, Train Better,” Chris Smith believes any goal can be reached through a lifestyle change encompassing dedication, intensity, and knowledge.

Chris is a certified strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and a certified personal trainer (ACSM C-PT).  Take a minute and get to know Chris Smith and Train Better Fitness.

Tell us a little about yourself and how Train Better Fitness got started

I’m born and raised in Rockaway Beach, NY. I started strength training at 14. I was always the smallest kid in class, so weight training seemed like a good idea.

I loved it, and my interest grew from there, eventually leading me to become a personal trainer in college.

As my business grew, I decided to found Train Better Fitness in 2009 as a way of reaching people beyond the one-on-one clients I was working with.

What’s your favorite style of training?

My favorite style of training has always been geared towards max strength. This led me into competitive powerlifting a few years ago.

However, I do like to include lots of different methods of training including strongman-style lifts and bodyweight movements.

How often do you like to change up your workout?

Typically my main movements don’t rotate that much. There will always be some form of squatting, pressing and deadlifting in my training. I cycle through assistance exercises more frequently and change them every few weeks.

Normally I will train using 4-week blocks and rotate movements during a new block.

What’s the best fitness advice you’ve been given?

I think the best fitness advice I’ve ever heard was the idea that you should avoid training to total failure. As a strength athlete, this is vital to keep fresh and prevent overtraining and overuse. would like to thank Chris Smith for sharing with our community. Through a lifestyle change, fueled by dedication, intensity, and knowledge, you can accomplish anything!

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