Invisible Marketing

Get the Basics...

  • The best marketing is under the radar — client success stories, sharing achievements, etc.
  • Go out of your way to be helpful.

We talked about how to make “Invisible Marketing” work for during our team meeting. This type of marketing may not scale easily, but the results are amazing when it’s done right!

“The best marketing is when you don’t know it’s marketing.” — Mikael Cho, Founder of Crew

Invisible Marketing

Invisible marketing sounds great, but how do you make it happen?

  1. Find creative ways to let customers do the marketing for you – How can you make it easy for your customers to share their successes and achievements? How can you make them look so good they have to tell everybody they know?
  2. Find unconventional marketing channels – How can you differentiate yourself from all the noise that is out there on social media and paid advertising? Who is underserved in your market, and how can you provide value for them?
  3. Go out of your way to be HELPFUL – While everyone else is blasting their message, take a step back and listen to your target market. Dig deep and ask tough questions to uncover the burning pains that they’re struggling with. Once you’ve taken the time to really listen, you’ll know exactly how to provide the solution that they’re after and give them the results they’ve always wanted.

Can you set aside time today to test one way to improve your marketing efforts?

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