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You eagerly sign up for your gym membership and for the first few weeks, you are killing it! You’re going several times a week. Exercising is helping you think about healthier choices overall — so you’re eating better and getting seven to eight hours of sleep.

It happens. The wall. We’ve all hit it. Our initial motivation peaks, and we slowly start to fall. First, it’s missing a couple of sessions here and there; then it’s settling for fast food instead of healthier choices. Eventually, you’re sitting on your couch one night and you can’t remember the last time you went to the gym.

What if you had someone to keep you accountable? You’ve thought about a personal trainer, but you’ve always asked, “Aren’t they really expensive?” Well, we’ve helped break down this barrier by bringing world-renowned trainers who train anyone anywhere in the world to you.

What if next time you hit a wall, you had a trainer to help you get back up? Take our quiz and find out if online training is right for you.

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