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The Kisi Access Control Solution

Take comfort in knowing that your gym or fitness facility is secure with the and Kisi integration.

Using the Kisi gym security system, you can decide which facility your members are able to access – and when – providing a safe and secure environment for your staff and members.

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How Does Kisi Work?

 A 24/7 gym access system can greatly increase your bottom line. By integrating Kisi with, 24/7 member management becomes a seamless experience.

Here’s How Kisi’s Keyless Entry System Works:


Door Reader Installation

kisi door reader

You have the option to install a new Kisi door reader or to overlay on top of an existing system.


Choose Your "Key"

kisi key fobChoose how you want your members to access your facility. Kisi provides numerous options, including cards, stickers, fobs, and phone access.


Mobile Access Control

kisi mobile app screen

Using your Kisi app login, control which doors in your facility are locked and unlocked directly from your Kisi app and change these settings at any time. 

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When you combine the physical security of Kisi with the automated digital security of, you can rest assured that your facility, members, staff, and all of their data, are safe and secure. 

In order to take advantage of the Kisi integration, you will need an subscription and a Kisi account.

If you have yet to use to manage your fitness business, request a free demo now.

If you are ready to combine your software platform with the powerful and secure Kisi gym security system, contact Support by hitting the button below.

The Benefits of an and Kisi Integration


Secure Gym Access

When you assign Kisi Cards to your members, you can set access groups that determine which facilities (if you have multiple) or doors members are able to access.

Automated Member Check-Ins

When a member uses their Kisi card to access your facility, they are automatically checked-in and their presence is noted on your Business Dashboard.

Remote Access Control

Grant or revoke access to individual members directly through the platform – without even stepping foot in your facility.


Kisi Pricing

To get Kisi pricing for your facility, contact Kisi for a quote – and enjoy a 30-day trial period.

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