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Creating Systems for Your Life (Not Goals)

Tyler Spraul is the director of UX and the head trainer for He has his Bachelor of Science degree in pre-medicine and is an NSCA-certified strength and conditioning specialist. He is a former All-American soccer player and still coaches soccer today. In his free time, he enjoys reading, learning, and living the dad life. He has been featured in Shape, Healthline, HuffPost, Women's...

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • Systems are more important than goals
  • What you do day in and day out is what breeds success
  • Practice the “Yes and…” of improv to breed creativity in your business

Almost all of us have goals in life — some of us want to be better friends, learn a new skill, grow our businesses, have a family. Goals are as different as the people on the planet.

Our team at even has goals. However, for us, the goals aren’t the end game. We focus on building systems of success first. James Clear clarifies the difference between goals and systems so well.

At Entrepreneur, he uses the analogy of a coach (something I think many of us can relate to) to point out that a goal is something like winning a championship whereas a system is a day in and day out hard work you put in at practice.

If you’re not sold on the difference, he then asks this: “If you completely ignored your goals and focused only on your system, would you still get results?

Let me ask this in a way that will relate to you: If you completely ignored your goals for your fitness business and focused only on your systems would you get results?

Think about that question for a minute. Let’s try one more angle. If you have a client who wants to lose weight, that’s their goal. If they stopped focusing on the goal itself and instead implemented a system of healthy eating and exercise, would they accomplish their goal?

The answer to all forms of the question are yes. And this is a big reason why we’re passionate about what we do. The platform provides the system for fitness business, certified personal trainers, coaches, and gyms.

You all have goals, but often the system isn’t clear or is way too expensive for where you’re at. It’s chicken, egg problem.

Let’s talk. We want to know more about your business and we’ll help you set up a system where your business can grow. Contact us today to get started.

Three Critical Tips for Using Systems Over Goals

#1 – You Must Remain Flexible

The importance of flexibility cannot be overstated. Commit to the system but don’t rigidly pursue a goal without being willing to learn along the way.

In our own business, we’ve set up systems to help us grow and achieve our own goals but we’ve never been afraid to learn, shift directions, or even change systems when we realized there was a better way.

#2 – You Must Be Adaptable

Even the best systems need a dose of adaptability. Markets change. Client sensibilities change. And technology advances. A mix of those three is what birthed

We started as a logger for weightlifters. However, we soon realized we had to shift our business so we adapted our systems to help us achieve our goals.

That led to partnering with some of the best trainers, coaches, and gyms in the world to share our systems for their success.

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Use’s System to Achieve Your Goals

Think about a company like Apple. They started off as a computer company. Had early success. Faltered. Regained their footing but with new technologies like the iPod and iPhone. Now they are so much more than a computer company.

It’s because their why resonates with so many people that they could shift their systems into these new markets and have continued success. And it’s the lack of a resonating why those other tech companies couldn’t shift easily into different markets and have their clients follow them.

#3 – You Must Improvise

There is a well-known rule of improv called “yes, and…” The gist is that you agree with your partner (say yes) but you add the “and.” You might be wondering how this translates into your business.

Be willing to listen and even agree with others but never leave it there. If you just agree with everyone, you won’t succeed. However, if you add the “and” you move closer to a resolution for the problem. You don’t stagnate.

Stagnation is the enemy of systems because it kills flexibility and adaptability. Let me give an example:

You’re reviewing your quarterly sales and they’re hitting the target. As you’re discussing this with your team, you agree and praise them for what they’ve accomplished but you also add the “and” and ask several probing questions about the market, clients, and the future business.

This “yes and…” leads to several additional conversations which leads to adapting the existing, very successful systems into new revenue streams.

If you only said yes and agreed, this wouldn’t have been possible. But since you used the “yes and…” you adapted and grew beyond what was possible otherwise. The “yes and…” is a mindset that breeds creativity.

We’ve got an expert team that’s partnered with some of the best fitness professionals around the world. Schedule a call with our team so we talk about increasing your sales and engagement. Get started today!

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