Mark Martin’s Total Weight Battle Daily Giveaway Winners

Now that Mark Martin’s Total Weight Battle is underway, we’re going to start announcing the winners of the daily giveaways! All of the winners will be randomly selected from among the active battle participants.

See all the winners below:

Day #1 Winner (Monday, December 17)

User: angiedavis716

Here’s what she did to start the week off strong! Great job!

Day #2 Winner (Tuesday, December 18)

User: soccervol

Here is his (lengthy) workout from Tuesday! Nicely done!

Day #3 Winner (Wednesday, December 19)

User: Luke2

Here’s what his Wednesday workout looked like, just kept it consistent with 100 pounds the whole way through!

Day #4 Winner (Thursday, December 20)

User: tjhollis9

He got a great workout in from home!

Day #5 Winner (Friday, December 21)

User: DaveDennis55

Here’s all the work he did, WARNING: It’s a LOT!

Day #6 Winner (Saturday, December 22)

User: LordShen

Here’s his 2nd workout of the day:

Day #7 Winner (Sunday, December 23)

User: Neenee25

Her workout called for supersets throughout:


And now for the grand prize winner, who receives the T-shirt and wrist band, Mark Martin racing jacket, and one year of PRO Membership!

And the winner is: Tfbill6, who ended up #2 overall in the battle, with over 700,000 pounds lifted!!! Congratulations!

Here’s what he did for the last day:

The Prize Pack for the daily winners includes a T-shirt and wrist band, and a Mark Martin Aaron’s Burnout T-shirt from the Michael Waltrip Racing shop!

Thanks to everyone who participated, and especially to Mark Martin for sending out the Challenge! Keep an eye out for more battles and prizes to be won!