3 Easy Steps to Master the Everyday Pursuit

Get the Basics...

  • Consistently pursue your goals every day
  • Shortcuts may cost you more time in the long run
  • Commit to building healthy habits that align with your goals

To go along with our company value of “Slow and Steady,” we discussed the meaning of the everyday pursuit in one of our recent team meetings.

What does it take to obtain wisdom for our everyday pursuit?

  1. Watching DAILY – You must be consistent in seeking it over the long haul.
  2. Avoiding Shortcuts – You can’t get wisdom “all at once.” It comes as you learn by experience.
  3. Creating Intentional Behaviors – It must be part of your habits/routines. It’s not going to happen by accident!

Three Questions to Think Through

  • Are there areas of your life (personal or business) where you are expecting “overnight progress” rather than committing to the everyday work that is required?
  • Which daily things do you prioritize in your life right now?
  • Which daily things do you need to de-prioritize?

Our team can help you target areas primed for everyday work and success

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New Exercise.com for Business Features

  • You can now customize the names of menu items on group home pages
  • You can now customize the order of measurement fields
  • You can now quickly add any resource you’ve uploaded to a group
  • You can now use existing file links when adding a resource to assign automatically to new clients
  • Optimized Trainer Dashboard layout

UX Improvements

  • Updated process for inviting new clients
  • Updated Stripe connections and handling of Stripe plans assigned to groups
  • Updated handling of Required Assessments
  • Updated sorting for group files and resources
  • Optimized email setup for best delivery results
  • Updated saving of tags
  • Updated handling of Facebook pixels
  • Added a tooltip to explain how waivers work
  • Optimized handling of failed payments
  • Updated handling of copied workout plans
  • Optimized handling of required assessments
  • Optimized security settings for permission checks
  • Updated email templates for account management emails
  • Optimized handling of scheduled workouts
  • Updated handling of deleted items on workout plan creator
  • Updated process for resetting passwords
  • Added support articles to related apps on My Connected Apps view
  • Updated some icons on Dashboard views
  • Added new layout option for Dashboard: Exercises view
  • Updated handling of progressions in Workout Plan Creator
  • Updated display of Dashboard views for sub-trainers
  • Updated client search when assigning workout plans
  • Updated handling of changing block types
  • Optimized workout PDF output based on workout plan settings
  • Updated display of group home pages
  • Updated selector for the first workout when starting plans for clients
  • Optimized settings for adding alternate exercises
  • Updated handling of free workout plans
  • Optimized process for importing default exercises
  • Updated permissions for deleting completed assessments
  • Updated create/edit views for groups, exercises, and assessments
  • Site upgrades and performance enhancements
  • Optimized process for searching by client tag
  • Updated display of members tab on group pages

Coming Soon

  • Client Workout Calendars
  • Optimized Exercise Database

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