We all know that squats are one of the ultimate lower body exercises, but no matter how simple squatting sounds, it can trip up even the pros.

We all want the results of squatting, but getting there can be tricky. Luckily, trainers like Mike Boyle, one of the top Strength and Conditioning coaches, know the tricks to developing that killer squat position.

Check out Boyle’s tips for becoming a great squatter on day one:

Here’s a recap of Boyle’s tips:

  • Add contact points – The best way to fix a squat is to add contact points using the goblet squat. When doing so, the dumbbell should create two contact points: one on your sternum and the other on your stomach.
  • Adjust ankle mobility – Continue using goblet squats but add five-pound plates to elevate the heels and compensate for any ankle mobility issues.
  • Use a band – If your squat isn’t perfect, add a resistance band below your knees. Adding a resistance band to the combo of goblet squats and elevated heels engages your glutes and prevents your knees from turning inward.

Once you’ve nailed down the correct squat form with Mike’s three tips, the ultimate key is repetitions. Using that perfect form, continue squatting and don’t let your form slack.

Challenge yourself to stay in prime position, and your squats will be making the whole gym jealous in no time!

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