#MotivationMonday: Face the Road to Recovery With Confidence!

This #MotivationMonday is for any of you who are facing the road to recovery. It’s a long, hard journey, but you can succeed.

For a little encouragement, we want to talk about Suzanne Digre, the weightlifting mentor, personal trainer, and writer who founded WorkoutNirvana.com.

Years ago, Suzanne underwent a bilateral prophylactic mastectomy. One year later, Suzanne was back in the gym, lifting weights, and doing what she loves!

This doesn’t mean that Suzanne’s journey went without any glitches. Suzanne experienced setbacks and disappointments, but each day and month in her recovery, Suzanne learned what her body was ready for.

She realized that the key is understanding your body and celebrating each victory, no matter how small. When you do, the big victories will follow.

Read Suzanne’s full recovery journey here! And, in the comments below, tell us what you learned, or are learning, from your own journey!

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