#MotivationMonday: What motivates YOU?

For competitive athletes, finding and staying motivated can be challenging. But what about the men and women who train the basketball players, Olympic weightlifters, runners, and other athletes?

While many athletes find motivation in their fans, motivation means something more for trainers.

Not only do trainers have to motivate themselves to stay on top of the game and work alongside their clients, but they also have to find the motivation and encouragement that will keep their athletes charging toward success.

Check out what NBA trainer Tyler Relph has to say about motivation:

Where do trainers find their motivation? It’s simple, really. For Tyler Relph and many other trainers, motivation comes from their clients.

Tyler knows that guys like Amare Stoudemire and Victor Oladipo, both of whom Tyler trained, are phenomenal players, but they rely on their trainers to refine their skills and take them to the next level.

With a responsibility like that one, Tyler has all the motivation he needs!

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Video credit: tylerrelph10