Watch this video to discover Artemis’s top 6 tips for perfecting the dead hang pull-up!

Here’s a recap of Artemis’s 6 tips:

  • Keep your fingers and thumbs on top Place your fingers and thumbs on top of the bar and keep them there as you do the pull-ups.
  • Pull your body up into your shoulder sockets – Many people try to do pull-ups with their shoulders out, but that improper form can cause injury. Instead, pull your body up into your shoulder sockets.
  • Cross your legs – Instead of bending your knees, be sure to cross your legs and let them hang down. Otherwise, pulling yourself up becomes difficult.
  • Tuck your hips under – When doing a pull-up, you want to maintain a solid hollow position. So, along with pulling your body into your shoulder sockets and crossing your legs, be sure to tuck your hips under.
  • Lead the pull with your abdominal brace – As you pull yourself up, let your abdominal brace lead rather than your back.
  • Keep everything tight  Keeping your form tight is key to a perfect pull-up. If you maintain a tight form, pulling yourself up will be much easier.

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Video credit: IronBodyStudios