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Personal Trainer Certification Age Requirement

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • Each company that certifies personal trainers decides their own requirements to become a personal trainer.
  • Most organizations set their minimum age at 18 years old.
  • There’s no maximum age to become a trainer.
  • Not all organizations have a minimum age.

If you’re considering a career as a personal trainer, you might wonder if you meet the requirements for it. To join the profession, you need to be the right age.

However, there’s no universal age requirement that applies to all certifying organizations.

Instead, it’s up to each licensing agency to determine their own age requirement. While there’s usually no maximum age, most agencies set a minimum of at least 18. You must meet the minimum age, in addition to meeting the other requirements to gain certification. Once you’re certified, you can begin training clients. Request a demo of our fitness business management software platform to see how you can train anyone, anywhere in the world.

Each Licensing Agency Sets Their Own Age Limits

Each organization that certifies personal trainers has their own requirements for the certification exam. The certifying organizations may set an age requirement along with their other standards. While it’s important to pay attention to the certifying organization’s rules, the gym that you may want to work for might have a specific organization they want you to go through to get your certification. In that case, you need to refer to that organization to check their requirements.

Minimum Age Requirements

Most organizations set the minimum age at 18 years old. Usually, there’s no exception to the age requirement. Most organizations require you to also have a high school diploma or GED, so the age requirement typically coincides with your high school graduation. You may be able to begin your studies before you turn 18. That way, you can arrange to sit for the exam as soon as possible after you turn 18.

Not all certifying organizations have an age requirement. For example, the National Strength and Conditioning Association doesn’t have a minimum age. Instead, they require applicants to have either a college degree or be in their last year of college. Practically, this higher education requirement makes the vast majority of applicants over the age of 18. Not all certifying organizations, however, have an age minimum or higher education requirement.

You May Have to Plan for a Short Delay

Even if you test on the day you turn 18, there may be a short delay in the time it takes to grade your test. That delay might impact when you can begin your work with a gym. It’s up to your employer whether to allow you to begin work while you wait for the licensing agency to grade your exam. In addition, your employer may offer you employment that’s conditional on your receiving a passing grade on your exam.

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What About an Age Limit?

Along with meeting the minimum age requirements, you might wonder if there are maximum age limits. Fortunately, the answer is no. In fact, the average age of personal trainers is increasing. When clients look for a personal trainer to help them meet their goals, your age can be an asset. Some trainers use their life experience as they help develop training plans for their clients. Personal training can be a second career or an option for retirement.

As the population continues to age, fitness for seniors is quickly becoming a more important and lucrative industry. Seniors have special exercise and fitness needs, and personal trainers of all ages can help meet the growing need for personal trainers for seniors. Personal trainers can meet the demand for senior fitness professionals and expand their career prospects at the same time.

Other Job Requirements

In addition to meeting the age requirements for the certification you’re seeking, you must also make sure that you meet the other minimum qualifications to sit for the certification exam of your choice. Just like the age requirement, other minimum qualifications vary based on the organization that you choose for certification. Some organizations require you to have CPR certification.

Your CPR certification usually counts to qualify you to sit for an exam even if you earn the CPR certification before the age of 18. You should make sure that your CPR certification is current and valid when you sit for your personal training exam. It’s important that you read all of the prerequisite requirements carefully so that you’re not surprised and disappointed to find out that you’re not qualified to take the exam.

Age Is Just a Number

When you’re considering your career as a personal trainer, it’s important to compare the certification programs that are available to you. Not all certification programs are created the same, and the varying requirements include different age and education minimums for different certifications.

While some programs set a minimum age of 18, other programs have minimum education requirements that make the vast majority of applicants over 18.

Capability is more important than age. For example, trainers who are equipped to help seniors meet their goals are in growing demand. But always be sure to check all of the requirements that are unique to the organization that you’re using for your certification.

Personal Training Certifications FAQ

How do I become a personal trainer?

You become a personal trainer by becoming studying for, taking, and passing a personal training certification exam.

Is it hard to become a personal trainer?

The level of difficulty to become a personal trainer depends on which certification you choose to obtain — some certifying agencies are harder to become certified with than others and some may require extra pre-requisites like a college degree.

Can I become a personal trainer without studying for the exam?

It is unlikely that you will pass your personal training exam for any agency if you do not study thoroughly for the exam beforehand.

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