Get the Basics...
  • Stop managing time and focus on your energy
  • Your energy is disproportionately contagious if you are a leader
  • Create rituals that renew your energy

There is a gap between what is demanded of us and our capacity that becomes less favorable as we age, so manage energy, not time.

Energy is the capacity to do work, it’s contagious, and disproportionately so if you are a leader.

In The Power of Full Engagement, Jim Loehr and Tony Schwartz say,  “All great performers rely on positive rituals to manage their energy and regulate their behavior.”

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They go on:

“We use the word ‘ritual’ purposefully to emphasize the notion of a carefully defined, highly structured behavior. In contrast to will and discipline, which require pushing yourself to a particular behavior, a ritual pulls at you.

Think of something as simple as brushing your teeth. It is not something that you ordinarily have to remind yourself to do. Brushing your teeth is something to which you feel consistently drawn, compelled by its clear health value. You do it largely on automatic pilot, without much conscious effort or intention.

The power of rituals is that they insure that we use as little conscious energy as possible where it is not absolutely necessary, leaving us free to strategically focus the energy available to us in creative, enriching ways.”

Check this video talk by Tony Schwartz at Google:

For more info on the book check out this thorough overview. You can also check out The Energy Project which is “a group of people passionately committed to creating work cultures that are more human, more energized, and more sustainably high-performing.”

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