Stay on Track and Finish!


Get the Basics...

  • Don’t quit your goals if you fail. Keep on track and finish.
  • Focus on progress, not perfection! Perfection causes failure. Progress will push you towards your goal.

Our team recently discussed the book Finish by John Acuff. Here are two scenarios you’re likely to face once you’ve gotten a project started — especially if you’re a perfectionist:

  1. What happens when your habit or schedule gets disrupted? What happens when your streak ends? Perfectionist Lie #1: “Quit if it’s not perfect.”
  2. What happens when you’ve set too big of a goal? Perfectionist Lie #2: “Your goal should be bigger.”

Your response in these situations will determine how well you finish — or if you finish at all!

If you’ve gotten off track, how can you make it as simple as possible to get back to positive progress?

If you tried to take on too much at once, can you cut your goal in half or give yourself some more time to accomplish it? Is perfectionism keeping you from finishing? How can you shift towards a mindset of “Progress, not Perfection”? For more about finishing, visit Jon Acuff’s site.

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UX Improvements

  • Updated display of Exercise thumbnails
  • Updated handling of default Group + Plan images
  • Updated handling of duplicate Usernames
  • Updated display of Client List on Message “Compose” view
  • Updated display of Workout Plan Publish modal
  • Updated handling of Workout Plans made available when a Client joins a Group
  • Updated handling of Client filtering on the Dashboard: Clients view
  • Updated handling of changes to Workout Plan difficulties
  • Updated display of Billing Information tab for Clients
  • Updated handling of “Manage group member” view
  • Updated display of Workout Plans publicly available on the White Label platform
  • Restored ability to use external links for Group Resources
  • Updated handling of newly created public Exercises
  • Updated MindBody integration and Client Import functionality
  • Updated handling of Workout Plans for sale
  • Updated display of Nav Bar on White Label platforms
  • Updated display of Group Workout Plans in the mobile apps
  • Updated Log Workout modal

Coming Soon

  • Updates for Block Programming