Use these NBA Skills to Step Up Your Offense

Ready to amp up your offensive game? With experience as a basketball pro and personal trainer, Jordan Lawley has plenty of secrets for a killer fast break.

In the video below, Jordan shows you three easy ways to properly break away from your defender and make yourself extremely hard to guard.

Check out Jordan’s advice below:

Here are a few highlights from Jordan’s video:

  • Sweep – When doing the sweep move, the key is staying low. Your shoulder should be level with the opponent’s hip and, as you break, touch the defender’s ankle.
  • Rip – For the rip move, keep the ball and your feet in the air. If you maintain this method, either foot can be used as the pivot. Then you can break away on either side of your opponent.
  • Jab – Just like the sweep move, stay low when doing the jab. Also, stay locked on your toes so you can move explosively in the opposite direction of your jab.

And, most importantly, remember that the lowest person on the court always wins.

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Video credit: Jordan Lawley Basketball – iTrain