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The #1 Roadblock to Creativity

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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  • Being too busy kills creativity.
  • Try putting down your smartphone to just think.

In our last team meeting, we talked about the #1 roadblock to creative thinking: being too busy.

If you are constantly jumping from one challenging problem to the next, your brain is going to be stuck in “processing mode” all the time, meaning that you’ll never get a break!

And without those breaks, your mind never gets any freedom to explore new options or ideas, stifling your creativity. This roadblock makes it tough to come up with new ways to tackle complex problems!

Here are three strategies you can try to give your brain a rest and set aside time to nurture your creativity:

  • Spend some time without your phone – Schedule a long walk (preferably outdoors) without any agenda, and just let your mind wander as you observe the beauty of your surroundings.
  • Try something new – Taking on a new hobby will give you additional tools for your problem-solving toolbox!
  • Find a way to have some fun or play games regularly –  The power of “play” has been growing in popularity recently, and getting back into play is a great way to push “Reset” and refresh yourself so you can think differently about difficult problems.

You can read more about the biggest obstacle to creativity here. How can you make more room for creative thinking during your workday?

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