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  • Blue oceans involve exploring unchartered market space.
  • Have you thought about the blue ocean in the fitness industry?

In our team meeting this week, we dug a little bit deeper into W. Chan Kim’s “Blue Ocean” strategy, which involves uncovering uncontested market space instead jumping in where all the rest of the competition is.

We reviewed their “Strategy Canvas” process, where you chart the most common selling points of your market and how much you emphasize each point compared to your competition.

Strategy Canvas Example:

Do you see how Yellow Tail identified their blue ocean, based on what makes them unique?

In the fitness industry, just about everyone can offer workout plans, access to equipment, etc. What is it about you and your business that stands out? Who are the people that you best connect with?

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UX Improvements

  • Updated display of videos on web views
  • Updated display of Routine selectors on Creator view
  • Updated Bulk Management messaging
  • Updated display of Archived / Active Exercises links
  • Updated workout previews in Workout Plan Creator
  • Updated Dashboard to show real names of clients if possible
  • Updated handling of favorite exercises
  • Updated handling of deleted routines
  • Optimized display of Leaderboard views
  • Updated display of Dashboard: Clients view
  • Updated handling of searches on Dashboard / Finder views
  • Updated display of Thank You page
  • Updated “My Groups” navigation link
  • Updated display of groups on Trainer landing pages
  • Updated display of modal when starting a plan for a client
  • Updated display of plans for sale on Dashboard: Plans
  • Updated nickname generator for Client Invites
  • Updated display of Expiration Date for Coupon Codes
  • Updated display of Group Video “Edit” modal
  • Updated display of Messaging Inbox and conversation view
  • Optimized Coupon creation process

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