The App Launch Giveaway with Bandana Training

Rob Sulaver is helping us kick off our App Launch right by sharing his “Strong as an Ox, Fast as a Gazelle” Workout Plan! Since we love his work at Bandana Training so much, we’re going to be giving out some FREE gear to his fans!

Here’s how you enter:

Step 1: Join the Bandana Training Group

Our groups include group-specific leaderboards, activity pages, videos, and more, so you can keep up with other Bandana Training fans! Join it so we know who to give the prizes to!

Click the picture to visit the Bandana Training Group page:

Step 2: Download the App on Launch Day

Next up, you need to download our iOS App on Day 1.


As an added bonus, everyone who downloads within the first 24 hours will receive a Free month of PRO membership! You’ll be able to follow Rob’s Strong Like an Ox, Fast Like a Gazelle workout and get all of the detailed stats with your workouts!

Here’s a step-by-step guide to following a workout plan via the App. Starting from the Dashboard, tap the “Plans” button in the bottom right corner:

You will then see all of our workout plans. Scroll to the bottom of the workout plans to find the “Strong as an Ox, Fast as a Gazelle Workout Plan:

Tap “Start Plan” to begin following the workout plan:

You will then need to schedule the days you would like to do this workout. Choose 5 days for this workout plan.

Next, tap the “Start this Workout Plan!”, and you’re all set. You’ll see the Dashboard with your workout schedule:

Tap “Log Workout”, and your scheduled workout will be loaded into the logger automatically:

Step 3: Log a Workout using the App


The final piece to the puzzle is logging your workout via the App on Launch Day! Here are some tips so you know how to navigate the App:

Prizes Up for Grabs

Here is what we are giving away for some randomly selected winner:

  • 9 randomly selected winners will receive the shirt of their choice!
  • 1 lucky grand prize winner will receive the above, plus some organic steaks from US Wellness Meats – the best in the business!

All winners will be chosen randomly from active participants.

Do us a favor and Like on Facebook and Follow @WeightTraining on Twitter to stay keep up with everything happening! Big thanks to Rob for sharing this workout with us! Bandana Training rocks!


Here are our first 9 winners, who will receive the shirt of their choice:

And the Grand Prize winner (who receives a shirt plus some amazing steaks from US Wellness Meats) is:

Congratulations to all of our prize winners! Thanks so much for participating and being a part of our iOS app launch extravaganza! We will be in touch shortly to get you those prizes!