This video from AMPD Golf Fitness will teach you how to hip hinge and help improve your balance!

Your hip hinging ability is vital to proper performance of important foundational movements like the squat, deadlift, and hip thrust.

In the video below, Damon Goddard of AMPD Golf Fitness shows you the Single-Leg Balance Reach, which will help you improve your hip hinge and your single-leg stability!

At AMPD Golf Fitness, Damon’s focus is on helping golf athletes of all ages increase their performance levels, reduce their risk of injury, and achieve their dreams!

Watch the video for Goddard’s tips below:

Here’s a recap of Goddard’s top tips:

  • Challenge your balance – To give your balancing skills a challenge, place a target directly in front of you. Then aim for the target as you perform the reach portion of this exercise.
  • Maintain good posture – Begin the exercise with tall posture. Don’t curve your back! Good posture will help you balance better and reach the target more efficiently.
  • Raise a leg behind you – As you reach towards the target, raise one leg behind you to help with balance.
  • Dorsiflex your toes – As you form the donkey kick with your back leg, dorsiflex your toes on that leg to get your glutes rocking.

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