If you’re a weightlifter, you’ve probably done a lot of hang cleans in your career. And if you’re a weightlifting trainer, that number only increases. The bottom line is you’ve had plenty of experience with hang cleans.

But, today, we have a hang clean tip that may shake your world. It comes from two of the weightlifting world’s top experts, so you can rest assured that it’s backed by science, the pros, and, if it helps, us.

To discover this tip, check out Mike Boyle’s video below:

Here’s a recap of the tip:
  • Keep wrists under and shoulders back – This first part of the hang clean form is the same as it has always been. While gripping the barbell, roll your wrists under and your shoulders back.
  • Bend your knees – This step is where the change takes place. Rather than sliding the barbell down your thighs, as was the traditional method for hang cleans, simply bend your knees.

When you bend your knees, your chest is slightly behind the bar, which makes executing the jump shrug much easier and more effective.

If you are an experienced lifter and/or trainer, you may be skeptical of this change to the clean hang.

But, like we said before, it was created by Glenn Pendlay, the physiology and kinesiology expert, and it has been backed by Mike Boyle, the strength and conditioning expert.

Needless to say, it’s legitimate, and it will improve your hang cleans. So start trying it out today and tell us what you think!

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