#TipTuesday: How to beat the barbell squat blues!

Whether or not you like this news, we’re here to tell you that barbell squats are one of the best exercises for sculpting your quads and building lower body strength.

Just ask Suzanne Digre of WorkoutNirvana.com. She’s a firm believer in the power of the barbell front squat!

But, according to Suzanne, the top two reasons why people avoid barbell squats are discomfort and intimidation. Sound familiar? If so, don’t stress. Suzanne has some tips that will make you actually look forward to your daily barbell squats!

Check out Suzanne’s video below:

Here’s a quick recap:
  • Cross your arms – Cross your arms below the bar, forming an x. The bar should then rest on your anterior deltoids.
  • Keep your elbows up – During this entire exercise, be sure to keep your elbows up. This position ensures that you stay upright during the exercise. Another way to maintain an upright stance is to sit down on your heels.
  • Stay tight – Once you’re in position, stand up and un-rack the bar. Be careful to stay as tight as you possibly can during the squat.

And here’s Suzanne’s bonus tip (her personal favorite!): When you lower yourself down, push your knees out. As you raise yourself up, push down through the floor with your feet.

Have any helpful squat tips? Share them in the comments below!

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Video credit: Suzanne Digre