In the past, we’ve talked about our love-hate relationship with squats and even dead bugs. We love them, but doing them wrong is way too easy. Today, we’re adding another one to our love-hate list: the one-arm dumbbell row.

No, we’re not kidding. If you think we’re crazy, we’ve brought in trainer extraordinaire Dean Somerset to explain how the dumbbell row should actually be done.

Check out Dean’s video below and check off how many steps you’ve been doing wrong all this time:

Here’s a checklist of Dean’s tips:

  • Set your legs far apart – When you move into position for this exercise, you should place the leg that stands on the ground wider than you probably feel is necessary. Fight the urge to position your leg straight down and close to the bench. Instead, bend your kee and angle it outward to create a wide stance.
  • Straighten your spine – To reduce strain on your neck and shoulders, straighten your spine, from the head to the lower back, and keep it straight throughout the exercise. You may be tempted to drop your head to your chest or keep it raised like you own the place. But don’t. If you do, you definitely won’t own the gym.
  • Think about your shoulders – When doing the row the correct way, your shoulders should be pulled tightly down and back. The down and back position of the shoulders ensures that your lat will be worked. If you shrug your shoulders upward, like many people tend to do, you will be working the upper trap, which defeats the purpose of the exercise.
  • Think about your upper arm – Do not let your upper arm drop down and forward when you row. If this downward and forward movement happens, all the pressure is focused on the shoulders instead of your lat. Remember that the lat is the goal of this exercise.

How many of those steps have you been doing correctly? If you scored all of them, congrats! If not, maybe it’s time to start thinking about training with Dean Somerset.

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Video credit: dean somerset