#TipTuesday: Tips from Jordan Lawley!


Today, we have a tip and a challenge all in one for you!

In the video below, basketball expert Jordan Lawley shows us his tips for a ball manipulation drill and challenges us to do 10 reps without messing up once.

Check out Jordan’s tips in the video below:

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Here’s a recap of Jordan’s tips:

  • Do every step – According to Jordan, every rep should include these steps: (1) do two pound dribbles, (2) pocket the ball and touch the cone, (3) cross over the cone, (4) pass the ball through your legs to your hand, and (5) do Straight Line dribbles.
  • Perfect each rep – Each of the reps in Jordan’s drill packs a lot of technique, so it’s important that you perfect each part of the rep. Once you’ve mastered the first rep, you’ll be able to beat Jordan’s challenge!

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Video credit: jlawbball