#TipTuesday: Learn to balance in-season practices and workouts with these 5 tips from Paul Fabritz! | Exercise.com Learn: Your Fitness Business Resource

#TipTuesday: Learn to balance in-season practices and workouts with these 5 tips from Paul Fabritz!

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UPDATED: Aug 25, 2020

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As a competitive athlete, you’ve probably experienced the frustration of trying to balance team practices with off-the-court workouts while the season rages on.

We feel your pain, and so does Paul Fabritz, the founder of PJF Performance and one of the world’s top basketball-specific performance enhancement coaches.

In fact, Paul understands the struggle so well that he developed five pro tips that will help you find the balance between in-season team practices and personal off-the-court workouts.

Watch the video below to discover Paul’s five tips:

Here’s a recap of Paul’s tips:

  • Prioritize intensity over volume – When finding the balance between team practices and personal skill-building workouts, Paul suggests focusing on intensity and reducing volume.
  • Prioritize concentric over eccentric exercises – Because of the soreness that comes with eccentric exercises, concentric exercises are a better option for pre-game workouts. When you have several days between games, start with eccentrics and then slowly transition into concentric exercises in the days just before a game.
  • Prioritize mobility – The repeated stress of the season’s grind can cause you to become less mobile as the season moves on. This loss of mobility means a higher risk of injury by the end of the season. To avoid injury and maintain explosiveness, make an effort to stretch every muscle and move every joint in your body daily.
  • Utilize active rest – On the day after an intense team practice or a grueling game, fight the urge to stay in bed and “take it easy.” The tendency to over chill actually hurts your recovery. Practice active recovery instead. When actively recovering, do light workouts such as five-minute jogs, dynamic warmups, and light weights.
  • Keep workouts efficient – None of us have the time or energy to do regular team practices, full strength and conditioning workouts, AND skill training. So, how can you get the most out of your workouts? Find a solid workout plan that focuses on the key components of strength and conditioning and skill work.

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Because the balance between practice and personal workouts is difficult to find, many athletes give up their off-the-court training and rely only on team practices; but nothing could be worse for your in-season skills.

Taking time to improve your overall athleticism and explosiveness is extremely important to your basketball skills.

The five tips discussed in the video above are an excellent guide for balancing practice with workouts, but a streamlined-yet-comprehensive workout is also important.

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