Watch Bubba Watson set a world record without even trying!

If we asked you who holds the world record for the longest drive in golf history, many of you might answer Mike Austin, who drove a golf ball 515 yards in 1974. You’d be right, but that incredible record isn’t what we want to focus on today.

Instead, we want to highlight a similar feat: Bubba Watson’s drive that broke the PGA TOUR record.

At the PGA TOUR in 2014, Watson broke the PGA’s record when he drove a golf ball 424-yards. But what’s the craziest part of Watson’s drive? He wasn’t even trying.

Watch Watson’s 424-yard drive in the video below:

When asked about his record-setting drive, Watson replied, “I’m there to play golf, not to hit it far.”

While many record holders, like Mike Austin, gain their titles by performing for the sake of setting a record, Watson set the PGA’s record by simply giving his all, like he always does. That’s impressive!

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Video credit: PGA TOUR