This week on the blog, we’ve talked a lot about explosive vertical jumps, insane ball handling skills, and all-around athleticism. Today, we want to show you some of that athleticism in action!

Paul Fabritz is the founder of PJF Performance and is one of the top basketball-specific performance enhancement coaches in the world. Needless to say, he knows a thing or two about helping athletes step up their game.

For a taste of Paul’s skill, check out the video below of Paul’s 64 inch (that’s 5 feet and 4 inches!) vertical jump:

You just witnessed some serious explosiveness! Without a doubt, Paul’s extensive scientific knowledge and skill are evident in that 64-inch vertical jump.

On top of that knowledge and skill, Paul is driven to helping athletes prepare for the next level, which is exactly why he created PJF Performance.

Train with PJF Performance!

Luckily for you and me, Paul is as skilled at coaching as he is at jumping. If you feel like your basketball skills could use some help, Paul is the coach for you!

Paul’s Elite Vertical Jump and Explosiveness System uses a cutting-edge, comprehensive workout style that will help you reach your full athletic potential in no time.

When you join the Elite Vertical Jump and Explosiveness System for $27.95 per month, you’ll receive access to monthly workout plans, detailed demonstration videos, discussion board, and customizable workout reminders.

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Video credit: pjfperformance