As many of you know, on Saturdays we like to highlight achievements in the fitness world. Often, those achievements are superhuman feats, like Eddie Hall’s record-breaking, half-a-ton deadlift.

While records set by gods like Eddie Hall are incredible, sometimes they feel beyond our reach as mere earthlings. So, to give us some achievable inspiration, today we’re bringing you the achievement of one powerful earthling named Artemis Scantalides.

Artemis hails from Iron Body Studios in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and is a huge supporter of kettlebell training, especially the Russian Hardstyle method. But don’t let her passion for kettlebell training fool you — Artemis loves a good barbell!

As proof, check out Artemis’s 215-lb. back squat in the video below:

Sure, 215-lbs. makes an impressive back squat, but you may be wondering why we’re considering it a major feat. We’ll explain.

First, let us share a few details with you: Artemis has a bodyweight of 112 lbs., and, in the video above, she squatted 215 lbs. Now take a moment to do the math. If Artemis weights 112 lbs., that 215-lb. squat was just 10 lbs. shy of double her weight!

Can you back squat double your weight? Tell us your back squat PRs in the comments below!

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Video credit: Iron Body by Artemis