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  • To become a personal trainer in England, you need to obtain a Level 3 certification.
  • A Level 3 personal trainer has met the requirements set forth by the Register of Exercise Professionals.
  • In most cases, you need a Level 2 certification prior to studying for your Level 3.
  • However, some programs do allow you to study for the two certificates simultaneously.

Level 3 is an England-based certification. In England, you must complete this certification to become a personal trainer. The program needs to comply with the Register of Exercise Professionals guidelines.

Most Level 3 programs require you to have already completed a Level 2 qualification before enrolling. These Level 2 qualifications include the Level 2 Certificate in gym and fitness instructing, the Level 2 diploma in health, fitness, and exercise instruction, and the Level 2 diploma in instructing exercise and fitness.

Some programs will allow you to study for your Level 2 and Level 3 qualifications at the same time.

These combination packages allow you to get both certificates in a shorter period of time. You might choose to do this program if you wish to start working right away as a personal trainer and not work as a group fitness instructor.

What do you learn in a Level 3 personal training program?

There are a few different types of personal training programs, and they might have some slight differences. Most of them will last several weeks. Almost all programs recognized by the Register of Exercise Professionals consist of 10 modules covering various personal training topics.

Some of the topics included in the course are anatomy, physiology, cardiovascular training and general training principles, physical activity promotion, health, and safety. You will also learn how to develop a training program based on your client’s needs and their fitness level. Additionally, you will learn how to put together a diet plan and give nutritional advice.

Many of these programs are available online for distance learners, so it is not necessary to live in the United Kingdom to take these classes.

What else is required to become a personal trainer in England?

In addition to the Level 3 certification course, you should get a First Aid certificate and personal trainer insurance. The Health and Safety Executive-recognized first aid certificate is also known as the Emergency First Aid at Work certificate. It is important to understand how to prevent injury and administer basic first aid in the case of an emergency during training. You need to renew your first aid certificate every three years.

It is also a good idea to get personal trainer insurance if you plan on working for yourself, even though it is not a mandatory requirement. If you do not have insurance and a client gets injured during a training session, it could be your responsibility to compensate the client. If you work for a fitness center, a healthcare facility, or another large company, you should be covered by your employer’s insurance.

What is a Level 2 certification course?

You’ll need to pass your Level 2 certification before moving on to Level 3. Level 2 programs teach the basics of fitness instruction. There are no pre-requisites for this certification, but experience in a gym is helpful. In a Level 2 program, you will learn human anatomy, physiology, safety in a fitness environment, and the principles of health and exercise. You will begin to learn how to implement an exercise program and work effectively with your clients.

A Quick Review

Remember that a Level 3 personal trainer is someone who has obtained a Level 3 fitness certificate that complies with the Register of Exercise Professionals in England.

In the United Kingdom, you cannot be a personal trainer without this certificate.

You usually need to obtain your Level 2 diploma or certificate in addition to your Level 3. If you are self-employed, it is also a good idea to have personal trainer insurance and a first aid certificate.

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