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Where can you find a job advertisement for a personal trainer?

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UPDATED: Jun 11, 2022

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  • Personal trainers should look for job advertisements placed online, in print, and posted in public places.
  • Exploring every avenue for job advertisements increases the chances of receiving an offer.
  • Personal trainers must tailor resumes/applications to each specific job opening.

Personal trainers often seek out jobs the same way anyone else searching for gainful employment does. They cold-call potential employers or send out copies of their resumes. This approach may very well lead to job offers, but it can be costly and time-consuming.

Plus, unexpected phone calls and letters do not always lead to the best response.

Professional trainers have one great thing going for them — gyms and fitness facilities must hire personal trainers to service clients. When there’s an opening for a personal trainer job, an employer needs to fill the position right away. Otherwise, customers looking to book training sessions may go elsewhere if their requests can’t be accommodated.

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Where Are All the Personal Trainer Job Openings Listed?

Once a gym has an opening, they typically advertise the newly available personal trainer job. Fitness professionals interested in employment should check out all the popular places that display job ads. Scope out all possible sources. The more jobs you find and the more you apply for, the more offers you can field.

Below are a few reliable places to look at for personal trainer jobs:

Big Box Gym Websites

Major gym franchises almost always post personal trainer job openings. The membership to these gyms is usually significant, and numerous locations stay open 24 hours a day. Simply visiting the websites of the top big-box gym franchises and going to the “Career Opportunities” tab reveals many jobs. Just narrow down your search to the specific geographic area and follow the on-screen application instructions.

Popular General Employment Sites

Major job seeker websites contain advertisements for any and all types of jobs. Personal trainer jobs would be among them. Perform a geographic search of personal trainer jobs on all the main job-seeker sites and check out the listings. Check them regularly, since new jobs are added frequently.

Classified Ads

Both online and print classified ads can be great resources for personal trainers interested in opportunities. Online venues such as Craigslist may be more fruitful than a local newspaper. Placing an ad on an online classified site is easier and often free. Check those classified ads regularly.

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Social Media Sites

Gyms and other fitness businesses can be very active on social media. Privately-owned small businesses rely on social media not only for promotions but also for maintaining a connection with members. Social media can be a great way for the owner to reach out to personal trainers when a position opens. Responses can be quick through social media, which is why gym owners like this process.

Local Nutrition Shops

A neighborhood nutrition and supplement shop might not seem like a place to inquire about personal trainer jobs, but the person working the register might know more than you think. Nutrition shops sell products to gym owners and may have the “inside scoop” on which gyms may be looking for personal trainers.

The local supplement shop might even be home to a bulletin board with advertisements on it. Visiting these shops regularly could be a wise time investment.

Employment Subscription Services

Subscription sites designed for personal trainers can reveal an enormous hidden job market. Fee-based job listing services require monthly payments, but they come with an added benefit. The jobs listed with the service are not openly advertised everywhere. Employers feel applicants willing to pay for a job listing might be more serious than those responding to free ads.

For the job seeker, the limited number of eyes seeing the exclusive advertisements means fewer fellow applicants to compete with.

Visiting Local Gyms in Person

Walking into a gym unexpected is a lot like cold calling, but there is a huge difference between making an anonymous phone call and speaking with someone in person. You can make a much better impression and would be able to engage a potential employer in a conversation. A great opportunity to sell yourself has been opened.

Fitness Expos

Fitness expos are more than just conventions designed to promote products and personalities. A top fitness expo can be a great venue for networking. If you are trying to find a personal trainer job, visiting major expos and simply asking around might deliver leads. Visiting smaller expos would be worthwhile, too.

Apply for the Right Job

Responding to an advertisement won’t be enough. A lot of hustling is involved when trying to land a good personal trainer gig, and your application has to hit the right marks.

Personal trainers need to be matched based on skill and experience. Look at the type of facility and who the client base is.

A gym specializing in bodybuilding might not be looking for someone hyping up a strength and conditioning background. Always make sure your resume is tailored to a particular employer and your skills and experience reflect the right match.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How do I find clients?

Most personal trainers initially find their clients by working for a gym.

How much money do personal trainers make?

This varies depending on location, experience, and how many clients you are training.

Should personal trainers work in a gym before starting a business?

Not necessarily. However, working in an already established gym may help you gain valuable experience that you can transfer to your own business in the future.

Do I have to pay taxes as a personal trainer?

When someone is an employee at a gym, taxes are deducted from their paychecks; additionally, the employee’s employer pays a certain percentage of taxes. When someone is self-employed, taxes are not deducted from their income and it is up to the individual to pay their taxes in a timely manner. Either way, yes, you are required to pay taxes.

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