I’m a musician and all-around music lover, so when I’m power-walking, dancing, or plyometric-ing, I have to pump some sweet beats to keep me moving.

Since my music tastes span many different moments in time, I thought it would be fun to create a Workout Playlist series based on decades. And starting with the 80s just felt righteous!

If you’re looking for something fresh yet old and 80s music doesn’t totally barf you out, take my playlist for a spin. I cover the following (sub)genres: new wave, hip hop, synth/dance/power pop, rap, R&B, alternative/dance rock, funk, and more!

These rad tunes can accompany a variety of workouts, whether you choose to run, walk, lift weights, do sit-ups, or shoot an 80s-aerobics-esque music video. (Just don’t mix them with yoga.)

So like, pull on your neon sweatband or whatever, turn up the volume, and whip your bod into shape!

Lauren Smith is passionate about nutrition and holistic health (how the body, mind, and emotions intersect). She lives in Baltimore City, where she writes stuff, plays music, embarks on long power walks through the park, takes contemporary dance lessons, and enjoys healthy, flavorful cuisine. Lauren has written for a literary journal called Skelter and for Honestbodyfitness.com.