15 mins

A Busy Mom's 15 Minute Workout

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  • Jeanette Ward (Jeanette3) 18 months ago

    Yeah, me too...and the timer clock doesn't count down. I have to click on each exercise and count 60 seconds myself.

  • Ellieb 18 months ago

    It keeps playing the same routine over and over?! Am I doing something wrong?

  • shai gibson (prettyandskinny) 20 months ago

    this is a great workout and it helps me lose wieght when I have free time time thank god my niece and daughter is not here rite now

  • Jessica G (JessGuinan) 21 months ago

    My 3 year old asked if I could do this...I feel like he wants me to say, "No, I can't!" LOL

  • Nicole Hill (nuttkeslim) 23 months ago

    Wow what a great workout, hits all the points and keeps you moving just wish they knew how to put video better together>

  • Sarah (NurseSarah) 2 years ago

    Just having a look around, even tho its not exercize time for me as yet, and Im soooo seriously disappointed with the crappy quality of the video and lack of "flow".
    Feeling right now like ive been ripped off :(((
    Can only hope i just picked a really bad example, otherwise this lil ducks subscription is going to be cancelled and a refund looked for....
    REALLY disappointed......

  • Belinda B (belindab12) 2 years ago

    think im going to incorporate this into my rest days...don't look too bad and only 15 mins :)

  • annamerin 2 years ago

    work out was great...i love tis

  • Anna Mama of 3 (Annalicious30) 2 years ago

    I liked this one, thanks

  • willjoey 2 years ago


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