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Alanine, also known as L-Alanine, is an organic amino acid found mainly in beef, poultry, pork, and fish. It is a substance which shows benefits for good liver health as well as regulating blood sugar levels. Furthermore, because amino acids are the building blocks of proteins, alanine is also beneficial in building strong and healthy muscles. The human body produces some of this substance naturally, and alanine levels actually increase in proportion to muscle movement.

Alanine supplements are manufactured in tablet, powder, and liquid form, and can be found at many local pharmacies and health food stores. They can also be found online from supplement retailers, bodybuilding websites, and nutritional supplement outlets. Twinlab and Optimum just two of the more well-known manufacturers selling alanine products.

Alanine is considered a nonessential amino acid in that the human body is naturally capable of producing enough in most circumstances. For individuals who require more alanine than their body naturally makes, like weight trainers, a daily oral supplement can prove quite beneficial. Daily alanine supplements are also good for those suffering from chronic medical conditions preventing the normal production of this substance in the body.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Alanine Benefits The two primary benefits of alanine are the regulation of nitrogen and glucose levels in the body, through a process called the alanine cycle. The proper functioning of the cycle helps the body to synthesize glucose and amino acids in normal levels. The regulation of gluco... more

Alanine Benefits

The two primary benefits of alanine are the regulation of nitrogen and glucose levels in the body, through a process called the alanine cycle. The proper functioning of the cycle helps the body to synthesize glucose and amino acids in normal levels. The regulation of glucose in the bloodstream also provides the energy the body needs to function. As a dietary supplement, alanine is used by bodybuilders specifically for these reasons. These athletes derive great benefits from properly regulated nitrogen and glucose levels.

In men, one of the fluids in the prostate gland naturally contains some alanine. Because of this, it is thought that a daily alanine supplement might be beneficial in the prevention and/or treatment of benign prosthetic hyperplasia, otherwise known as BPH. This condition is common in middle-aged men, causing an enlarged prostate and urination discomfort. Studies suggest that BPH might even be a precursor to prostate cancer.

For those suffering from hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, alanine can help reduce the presence of arterial plaque when used in conjunction with arginine and glycine. Studies have shown in laboratory rats that a daily alanine regimen can help reduce bad cholesterol, which would also be beneficial in combating hypertension. The effects of the substance on human cholesterol levels is still being studied.

Finally, because alanine helps regulate sugar levels in the blood, some doctors are recommending it to patients with insulin-dependent diabetes. It's believed by some that a dose of alanine just before retiring for the evening might be beneficial in preventing nighttime hypoglycemia. If this turns out to be proven clinically, it could be a godsend for many diabetics

Alanine Side Affects

Amino acids in and of themselves cause no adverse side effects in human beings. That said, there can be side effects from alanine linked to overdosing.

Studies have shown that excess alanine in the system can have negative effects on blood sugar levels and be a contributing factor to things like chronic fatigue syndrome. Too much alanine can disrupt the alanine cycle and throw off the glucose regulation, robbing the body of energy.

For the same reason, although alanine may be beneficial to diabetics, they should not begin using the substance without first consulting a doctor, as any drastic and sudden changes in blood sugar levels could prove fatal.

Alanine Dosage

The proper dosage of an alanine supplement will vary according to the purity of its formula. Powders and liquids tend to be more potent than tablets, although this is not always the case. Dosage information should be included on the supplement packaging and should always be followed strictly. Consumers who develop symptoms suggesting improper blood sugar levels or chronic fatigue should discontinue the use of alanine and consult a medical professional immediately.

For the purposes of body building, a common dosage is 250-500 milligrams just prior to exercise. Alanine is generally consumed for bodybuilding purposes as a powder mixed with water, or a pre-mixed liquid supplement. Ingesting alanine in liquid form makes the amino acid available almost immediately, enhancing its benefits to exercise and bodybuilding.

Since alanine is a dietary supplement rather than a drug, it is regulated as a food product under the Food and Drug Administration. Therefore, the claims made by manufacturers have not been assessed by the FDA, nor does the agency lend any advice as to the safety and effectiveness of the supplement. View and compare various Alanine supplements with the supplement finder now!


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