Artichoke Extract

Artichoke Extract

Cleanse/Digestion / Increase Energy

Artichoke extract is a supplement that, if it is a high quality product, is pure artichoke. Basically, artichoke extract is made from the lowest leaves, the stem and roots of the artichoke plant.

Artichoke plants are a member of the Daisy family, so it stands to reason that if you are allergic to daisies then you should be tested for an artichoke allergy before you use an artichoke extract. Once you are sure that you are able to use artichoke extract, you will be able to purchase it in either pill or liquid form.

The use of artichoke plants for medicinal purposes isn’t a new concept. In ancient Greece, healers would use ground artichoke roots to help people with digestive issues. In the 1800s, artichoke extract was used successfully to treat liver problems and jaundice.

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Artichoke Extract and Its Benefits As mentioned above, artichoke extract has been used in the past to treat jaundice and liver problems. Although there are no studies on the benefits of artichoke extract and jaundice cures, there are studies on the effect of artichoke extracts on the liver... more

Artichoke Extract and Its Benefits

As mentioned above, artichoke extract has been used in the past to treat jaundice and liver problems. Although there are no studies on the benefits of artichoke extract and jaundice cures, there are studies on the effect of artichoke extracts on the liver.

Artichoke extract stimulates the flow of bile from the liver. In addition, it has been approved for use for treatment of liver conditions that result from fat build up in the liver.

Artichoke extract also helps to reduce the symptoms of heartburn. What’s more, it can help with all type of digestive issues. It aids in the prevention of gallstones, kidney problems, bladder infections and even irritable bowel syndrome.

Artichoke Extract and Uncommon Benefits

Some of the lesser known uses for artichoke extract are to get rid of fluid retention, prevent anemia, treatment of snake bites and, supposedly, it helps eliminate hangovers after a heavy nights drinking. It is important to note that many of these benefits are untested clinically. Artichoke extract has been used for a long time successfully for many of these issues, which is why people still buy the supplement without the proof of clinical trials.

One area that is receiving the attention of pharmaceutical companies is the benefits that artichoke extract seems to have on cholesterol. Artichoke extract appears to increase the breakdown of cholesterol to bile salts. Although clinical studies are being conducted, there have only been a couple of human trial phases of these studies. These trials have only lasted a few weeks, which is not enough for the FDA to make a recommendation for treatment.

Rat and mice studies have proved to be promising, but it takes years to successfully complete studies to approve a product for treatment of a condition such as high cholesterol.

Artichoke Extract and Lower Cholesterol

With that being said, 23 continuous months of study has been completed for other conditions and since during this time artichoke extract has been proven safe to use. You shouldn’t hesitate to try lowering your cholesterol using artichoke extract if your doctor says that you can attempt to control it through lifestyle change.

It is important to follow the instruction of your doctor and if he or she doesn’t recommend artichoke extract for treatment, then you need to use what she or he suggests. There are many medications available for the treatment of cholesterol and your doctor may feel that you need a more aggressive treatment than an herbal remedy.

Artichoke Extract and Antioxidants

Artichokes are full of antioxidants, which is beneficial for many reasons. You don’t have to see a study of artichoke extract when it comes to antioxidants. Studies of antioxidants found in foods and plants show that antioxidants have more benefits than most people can imagine.

In the case of artichokes, luteolin exists. Luteolin is a flavonoid antioxidant that prevents inhibiting nuclear factor kappa B signaling in immune cells. Studies have conclusively found that this type of antioxidant, as well as most other antioxidants, helps prevent the growth of cancer cells. Not only that, but luteolin also helps boost the immune system and increase energy levels.

Artichoke Extract Side Effects

Another benefit of artichoke extracts is the lack of side effects associated with them. At most, unless you have an allergy to daisies, you might experience gas if you use too much. However, you should avoid using artichoke extract if you have a bile duct obstruction or gallstones until you speak to your doctor.

One of the things to discuss with your doctor is the low incident of side affects when using artichoke extract for controlling cholesterol. Many prescription medications have side affects that even cause people to change their lifestyle to accommodate them. Side effects like flushing can be very uncomfortable as well.

Artichoke Extract Dosing

Because there have only been limited human studies on artichoke extract, dosing information is also limited. However, the artichoke extract cholesterol studies showed the most benefits when participants took 1800 to 1900 milligrams per day. The supplement was taking in several smaller doses throughout the day.

The participants in the studies for heartburn had the best results when 320 to 640 milligrams a day. Again, the total dose was broken up into several small doses each day.

Every supplement company determines their own dosing for their products. If you choose a company that has been selling artichoke extract for a longer period of time, then you can feel confident that they have nailed the dosage down.

You should never change the dosage of the product that you are using without first speaking to a doctor or dietitian. Even innocuous products such as artichoke extract were only meant to be taken in the recommended doses. Consider this, if you have too much Vitamin C in your body, for example, you could increase your chances of developing cancer. There are dosing guides for a reason and you should follow them!

Buying Artichoke Extract

Artichoke extract is available in both pill and liquid form. In pill form, it is most common to find 500mg per pill, but you can easily find 100mg, 200mg and more if you look around. The liquid artichoke extract is available in one ounce, two ounce and four ounce options. If you check some specialty stores, you may find larger options for the artichoke extract.

The cost of artichoke extract ranges from about $4 to as much as $60. Typically, the more expensive option is because there is more in the bottle. However, some brands simply charge more because they are considered quality brands.

If you aren’t sure what brand to purchase or whether pills or liquid is right for you, then talk to your local pharmacist. He or she should have an opinion about what the best product is for you to buy.

You want to consider your source carefully because the FDA doesn’t monitor the production of supplements and doesn’t make any move on supplements unless there are deaths or illness/injury related to that supplement. Buying from a proven source will ensure that you always get a quality supplement.

Lastly, never start any supplements without talking to your doctor if you are taking any medication or if you have any medical conditions that restrict your diet or lifestyle in any way. In addition, if you are pregnant or nursing, talk to your doctor. Even though artichoke extract is considered to be very safe, until your doctor says it’s safe for you, then you should assume that it isn’t!

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