Avena Sativa

Avena Sativa

Aid Overall Health

Avena sativa is a natural herb product recommended for both men and women’s health. The name of this cereal grain is the scientific name for a plant we all know and recognize: the common oat. Oat is a grass and has been used through human history for various health reasons.

Oat is usually grown for its seed for both human digestion (and foods such as oatmeal) and livestock food. It is an all round grass that has very beneficial effects on nutrition and one extra kinky kick: it works as an aphrodisiac. You might see this supplement sold as oats milky seed or wild oats, but it is usually just plain old regular oats.  

Some companies do sell concentrated extracts, or will perhaps group avena sativa with other ingredients, which help to create a far more potent product. It usually takes a day or two for the effects to be observed. Oats are considered generally healthy, and help strengthen the heart. However, more than a few users have claimed that avena sativa is not just a breakfast specialty but also an after hour dessert. What is behind avena sativa’s alleged love healing powers?

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Avena Sativa Benefits and Libido Oats control blood fats, and thus help to regular everything blood touches, including the heart, the brain and nervous system, and yes, even the genitals. The sexual benefits of using avena sativa for men include greater control over erectile dysfunction an... more

Avena Sativa Benefits and Libido

Oats control blood fats, and thus help to regular everything blood touches, including the heart, the brain and nervous system, and yes, even the genitals. The sexual benefits of using avena sativa for men include greater control over erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. However, women can also reap the benefits of oats in greater orgasmic response and increased libido.

Some have even tried to link the sexual benefits of oats with the commonly quoted expression “sowing one’s wild oats”, which refers to youthful promiscuities before marriage. However, the expression actually refers back to the planting fields of ancient Europe including the “wild oat”, which was a particularly annoying weed that was worthless and difficult to get rid of; hence, conducting one’s self foolishly was to sow wild oats or weeds rather than quality grain.

A few animal studies have suggested that oats increase sexual desire, and that the effects are not discriminate between the sexes. Besides the ability to increase the quality of blood flow, what else could be the mechanism for avena sativa?

Some authorities do speculate that avena sativa could free up bound testosterone and free the sex hormone in the blood as well. Both men and women have testosterone hormone in their bodies, so this is a viable theory. However, a deficiency in testosterone could also explain why sexual response is limited.

Avena Sativa Ingredients and Dosage Instructions

Avena sativa seeds contain many carbohydrates and an abundance of soluble fiber. These seeds also have high levels of zinc, manganese and iron. The sedative-like compounds in oats are what soothes the brain and helps restore the nerves. Therefore it is feasible that a user who was suffering from an undiagnosed deficiency of nutrients, or who had extensive nerve problems, could experience temporary benefits when ingesting this herb.

For others, the supernormal effects of avena sativa remain open to individual interpretation. The average dosage, which is one capsule of 200 milligrams a day or less (a few times a week might be a safer bet), is best taken in the morning and before a good meal. Note that some oat herbal products contain gelatin, which is a non-vegetarian ingredient.

Avena Sativa Side Effects and Health Concerns

Naturally, there is no toxicity danger when you are talking about regular oat grain. However, heavy doses or overdoses of concentrated oat extract (and especially when combined with other ingredients) could cause some disturbing side effects. Some users have reported suffering from insomnia, restlessness and a pounding heart beat after taking too many capsules in a short period of time.

Nevertheless, avena sativa does not have any serious medical side effects, which is a welcome change from various prescription drugs used for sexual enhancement. Think of this herbal supplement as a “tonic” rather than a drug. The oat grain has shown promising results for treating drug addiction and for eczema outbreak. Some weightlifters also use the supplements so that they can increase testosterone and thus increase muscle tone and cardiovascular fitness.

It is certainly a body-friendly substance.  Oat grain is considered a food by the FDA and is not regulated. Neither does this grass nor or its seeds seem to interact with other medications or herbal supplements. Most users report seeing positive effects within a couple of days or within two weeks at the most.

Bear in mind that some products advertised as avena sativa contain more than just oat grain; they may contain other extracts and herbs such as horny goat weed, mucuna pruriens, ashwagandha , choline and DMAE. If you buy a bottle with avena sativa alone then do not expect as potent a reaction as full ingredient libido enhancer.

In recent years, likely due to the potentially fatal side effects of Viagra overdose and other sexual enhancement drugs, natural enhancers like avensa sativa have increased in popularity. If you are afraid of seeking help from a doctor for sexual dysfunction, then oat extract may be the most practical solution. It’s discreet, natural and affordable.  Who knew eating oatmeal was such a risqué thing to do?  You can find seeds and extracts at your local supplement store by using the free supplement finder found here.


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