Beet Powder

Beet Powder

Aid Overall Health / Cleanse/Digestion

Beet powder is naturally derived from the beet root. Beet powder supplements are full of many vitamins and minerals including potassium, phosphorus, iodine, calcium, vitamin A, and iron.

Beet powder supplements are extremely beneficial for good health and fitness. They have a long history of use, and were prized by the ancient Romans. This may have been due to the aphrodisiac properties of beets, which are thought to be related to their boron content.

Side effects are most common with certain medical conditions, as noted below. However, you should always speak with a health care professional before starting any new supplements.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


The Many Benefits of Beet Powder Due to the levels of iron found in beet powder supplements, taking beet powder supplements can be beneficial for individuals suffering from blood disorders like anemia. The potassium and chlorine found naturally in beet powder supplements work as a cleanser... more

The Many Benefits of Beet Powder

Due to the levels of iron found in beet powder supplements, taking beet powder supplements can be beneficial for individuals suffering from blood disorders like anemia. The potassium and chlorine found naturally in beet powder supplements work as a cleanser in the kidneys and liver. This promotes good kidney, liver, and digestive functioning.

Beet powder makes one of the sweetest sugars available. Beet powder is often used as a sugar substitute because of its sweetness. Beet powder supplements can be purchased as powder which can be mixed into foods and beverages to replace table sugar.

Beet powder supplements contain betacyaninis which is believed to fight off cancer cells. Since beets contain a high amount of folate, beet powder can be very beneficial to pregnant women and their developing child. 

Beet Powder and Betaine

One of the best attributes of beet powder supplements is that they contain betaine. Betaine is an essential component in breaking down fats in the liver. When the liver breaks down the fat, it can build lean muscle easier and faster, keep unnecessary weight off, and promote good health.

When the liver is able to break down fats, it can help prevent high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and heart disease. Beet powder supplements can also help with dry mouth .

Beet powder supplements can be helpful in treating Homocystinuria. According to Genetic Home Reference, Homocystinuria is a genetic disorder where the body cannot process certain amino acids.

It is believed that the betaine in beet powder supplements can help to process amino acids in the body. This is particularly helpful for the liver which is where these amino acids often build up.

Another benefit of betaine is that it is believed to help fight cancer. Beet powder supplements are believed to be beneficial when fighting leukemia and cancerous tumors.

According to Amrita Ahluwalia, Professor of Vascular Biology at Queen Mary’s William Harvey Research Institute, the nitrate content of beet root increases  levels of nitric oxide in the blood. This benefits the heart and lowers blood pressure. 

Beet Powder Products

In addition to purchasing beet powder supplements alone, you can also purchase dietary supplements with beet powder as an active ingredient. For instance, liver cleansers contain beet powder, because betaine aids in cleansing the liver of toxins.

Beet Powder Packaging and Dosage

The recommended dosage of beet powder supplements vary depending on the form of the supplement. Beet powder is commonly available in powder form.   

Beet powder is also used as an ingredient in a supplement in capsule or tablet form. You will also find beet powder sold as a supplement by itself in a tablet or capsule.

There is no recommended daily allowance for beet powder. You should follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the label of your beet powder supplement.   

When taking beet powder supplement in powder form, you should add one or two teaspoons to your beverage at least two to four times a day. Each teaspoon is the equivalent of eating one beet. Mixing your beet powder with carrot juice is highly recommended

Side Effects of Taking Beet Powder Supplements

While most people do not experience side effects some do exist. However, you may experience red urine if you take large amounts of the supplement.

You should not take beet powder supplements if you are suffering from gallstones or ulcers. Common side effects of beet powder supplements include nausea, diarrhea, and stomach discomfort.

If you are taking prescription medication for kidney disease or high cholesterol, you should not take beet powder supplements as it may interfere with the medication. Check with your doctor first!

Beet Powder and the Food and Drug Administration

According to the Food and Drug Administration, beet powder is an acceptable food coloring in foods and has been since 1967. Beet powder supplements have also been on the acceptable supplement list through the Food and Drug Administration since 1994.

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