Brown Rice Syrup

Brown Rice Syrup

Many people enjoy sweet foods, but not everyone is able to safely eat white sugar. Although there are a number of sugar substitutes, they are not suitable for everyone.

Artificial sweeteners are often unpalatable, present side effects and are of questionable safety. Other natural sweeteners such as corn syrup and honey from bees fed corn syrup contain no nutrients and are suspected of having dangerous effects on health.

In the face of such adversity, it can be frustrating trying to locate a sweetener that tastes good and is healthy. Fortunately, you can find such a substitute in brown rice syrup. As its name implies, it is made from the syrup of brown rice that has been boiled and undergoes enzymatic processing.

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The Many Benefits of Brown Rice Syrup Besides flavor, convenience and versatility, brown rice syrup also offers many other benefits. Suitable for Vegans Whether for ethical or health purposes, many people make the decision to cut all animal derivatives from their lifestyle. Unfortu... more

The Many Benefits of Brown Rice Syrup

Besides flavor, convenience and versatility, brown rice syrup also offers many other benefits.

Suitable for Vegans

Whether for ethical or health purposes, many people make the decision to cut all animal derivatives from their lifestyle. Unfortunately, it's difficult to find natural sweeteners that are free from these products. Honey is made by bees and table sugar is often processed using bone char. Brown rice syrup is a 100 percent plant-based food that contains no hidden sources of animal products.

Rich in B Vitamins

Brown rice is a food naturally high in B vitamins and it keeps this natural goodness even after it becomes syrup. Your body requires this family of vitamins in order to maintain a healthy nervous system, assist with metabolism, create energy from food and promote a healthy weight.

Source of Vitamin K

Often confused as potassium, vitamin K is a completely different nutrient that has similar roles and benefits. Phylloquinone, as it is also known, helps to carry out metabolic processes in the bodily tissues. Like potassium, it also maintains the blood's clotting system, controls blood pressure and regulates beating of the heart.

Low Glycemic

Among the reasons that people seek sugar alternatives is the desire to avoid foods with a high glycemic load. For diabetics and anyone wanting to lose weight, this is particularly important. Elevated blood sugar forces the body to store a greater proportion of the calories you eat as fat and also reduces insulin sensitivity over time.

Brown rice syrup's glycemic load gets a mere rating of 25 on the glycemic index scale, whereas white sugar stands at a whopping 64.


Brown rice is among the plant-based foods highest in zinc. This mineral is not given the attention it deserves in the modern diet, even though it is one of the most necessary. Zinc keeps the immune system in working order and is needed for the growth and division of cells, healing and metabolizing carbohydrates into energy.

It is also critical for health of the male reproductive system. The production and quality of both sperm and semen depend upon it and it even maintains the integrity of the DNA within each sperm.

Minimal Refinement

Even though brown rice syrup is still processed, it's not as heavily processed as regular sugar. This minimal amount of refinement allows it to keep its delicate flavor, caramel-like color and dense nutrition. A diet that consists of as few processed foods as possible means that you get better nutrition, fewer chemicals and more control over calories.

Mild Sweetness

There are occasions where a mild sweetness is more appropriate or desired than a strong one. However, other sweetener alternatives can be as many as 100 times sweeter than sugar and are very easy to overwhelm foods with. Brown rice syrup is light-tasting, making it easy to sweeten your dishes or drinks without worrying about adding too much.


Manganese is used by the body to make fatty acids, support brain function, build bones, metabolize calcium and create energy. Even more importantly, it is used to make thyroid hormones which regulate metabolism and growth. It is is also helpful in the treatment of schizophrenia, dementia, heart disease and diabetes. Brown rice syrup is very high in manganese.


Another mineral found abundantly in brown rice is magnesium, which as many as 72 percent of Americans lack in their diet. This deficiency is very serious, as it could lead to cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and even heart attacks. Magnesium is an electrolyte, so it helps regulate heart rhythm and blood pressure.

It also acts as an electrical messenger, carrying signals along nerves to their destination. Furthermore, magnesium is needed in conjunction with vitamin C for bone health.

Caramel Sauce

Caramel is a popular addition in cakes, cookies, ice cream and apples, but not everyone can tolerate the dairy it is made with. Brown rice syrup's buttery flavor and thick consistency are close to those of caramel, so it can be used easily in its place.

Protein and Snack Bars

Homemade protein and snack bars are a thrifty and natural way to get additional nourishment between meals. Brown rice syrup adds more vitamins and minerals while also acting as a binder to hold the bars together. It works well in place of honey or corn syrup. It can even be used to make your own granola.</li>

Concerns and Considerations

Brown rice syrup contains many vitamins and minerals, but it is still a form of sugar and contains a lot of calories. Diabetics, people with decreased insulin sensitivity and those trying to lose weight should limit the use of these foods.

Sugary foods are something that people with a compromised immune system may want to keep to a minimum. Scientific research has found that sugar has suppressing effect on immunity and reducing the body's ability to detect harmful pathogens.

A Sweet Choice

Considering all of the disadvantages presented by other sweeteners, brown rice syrup offers a promising and refreshing alternative suitable for a wide variety of people. Using brown rice syrup adds character and nutritional integrity to your meals and desserts while being easy on your body and your wallet.

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