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Buttermilk is a nutritious food that has been traditionally enjoyed by cultures all over the world. Originally, buttermilk consisted of the liquid that remained after churning butter. Beforehand, the milk was left to sit so that the cream would separate for easier removal. The amount of time this process took allowed probiotic bacteria to ferment it. Not only did fermentation improve butter production, but it also resulted in a very healthy drink.

Modern buttermilk is now made by adding specific bacteria strains instead of letting it ferment on its own, but it still provides just as many health benefits to those who drink it. 

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Buttermilk's Numerous Benefits Buttermilk, being as healthy and versatile as it is, is renowned for its culinary uses. However, there is plenty of evidence that it is also valuable as both a medicine and a dietary supplement. - Bodybuilder's Friend Putting on muscle requires a lot ... more

Buttermilk's Numerous Benefits

Buttermilk, being as healthy and versatile as it is, is renowned for its culinary uses. However, there is plenty of evidence that it is also valuable as both a medicine and a dietary supplement.

- Bodybuilder's Friend

Putting on muscle requires a lot of protein, but many bodybuilders don't want to consume too many calories to get it as it results in fat gain. A single cup of low fat buttermilk contains 8 grams of protein and only 98 calories, making it good to use in a protein shake or by itself.

- Probiotics

Beneficial bacteria promote health by improving digestion, making nutrient absorption more efficient, warding off harmful bacteria and strengthening the immune system. It can be difficult to get them from a modern diet, but cultured buttermilk is one food that is rich in them.

- Calcium Rich

Calcium is mostly correlated with healthy teeth and bones, but it is also an important factor in cardiac and neurological function. Like other electrolytes, calcium helps control the neuroelectric signals to other areas of the body, including the heart. Without it, muscles cannot work properly. One cup of lowfat buttermilk contains 28 percent of your daily value of calcium.

- Omega 3

Omega 3 is both a fatty acid and an antioxidant that is popular for its protective effects. They are used primarily to produce cell walls, but also affect cognitive function, heart health, metabolism and blood flow. As an antioxidant, they prevent and repair oxidative damage to the body. By drinking a serving of buttermilk, you will receive 32 milligrams of this vital nutrient.

- Phosphorus

Over one pound of phosphorus exists in the human body, mostly in the bones. This important mineral works together with calcium, magnesium and vitamin C to produce new bone tissue and reinforce what already exists. You can get as much as 22 percent of your daily requirement in one serving of buttermilk.

- Weight Loss

It seems counterintuitive that something as rich and creamy as buttermilk would be recommended for weight loss. However, buttermilk is actually lower in fat and calories than regular 2 percent milk! A tall glass of buttermilk with your meals keeps you satisfied longer and helps you control your appetite.

- Efficient Nutrition

One of the most significant benefits to probiotic bacteria is that they free up nutrients from food that your body wouldn't otherwise be able to absorb well. Furthermore, these bacteria feed on indigestible substances like insoluble fiber and turn them into B vitamins, which are important for metabolism and neurological maintenance.

- Fat and Cholesterol

Despite the bad rap that they get, fat and cholesterol are an essential part of a healthy diet. They are precursors to numerous hormones, including testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. People who lack sufficient intake or either may suffer symptoms like lethargy, depression, hormonal imbalance and even weight gain.

- Wholesome Energy

Buttermilk is composed of carbohydrates, fat and protein, which makes it a very good choice for quick and sustainable energy. A glass before work or school, a visit to the gym or with breakfast helps power you through your day without making you crash the way that caffeine will.

- Super Shake

Buttermilk's thick, creamy texture makes it a perfect replacement for soy, rice, nut or regular milk in your protein shake. It's an easy and delicious way to add more appeal and nutrition to something which may ordinarily be bland.

- Fat and Vitamins

Despite their popularity, low fat diets can actually prevent you from being healthy. It is critical to the absorption of vitamins A, D, E and K. Calcium and magnesium, both important electrolytes, are also fat soluble. Without sufficient quantities of many of these, problems like heart disease, obesity and depression may occur. Buttermilk possesses plenty of fat to help you get the optimal amount of nutrition from your foods and supplements.

- Reflux Remedy

If you're suffering from heartburn, the only thing you want is to find relief. A glass of buttermilk can help better than many over the counter medications. It is high in calcium, which neutralizes excess stomach acid. Probiotics, like those in buttermilk, are also known to help prevent future episodes by improving digestion.

- Possible Concerns

Buttermilk contains casein, which may cause problems for individuals with Celiac disease. Also, people with high blood pressure or underactive adrenals are advised to keep their buttermilk consumption low due to its very high amounts of sodium. 

A Perfect Food

Buttermilk's nutrition, wide array of uses and unique features makes it an ideal addition to nearly any diet or cuisine. By drinking as little as cup a day, you could experience better health and performance throughout your daily life.

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