Carnitine Tartrate

Carnitine Tartrate

Aid Overall Health / Build Muscle / Improve Sports

If you are a person who is focused on being healthy you probably have tried your share of nutritional supplements. One supplement that you may not be aware of but may be worth checking into is the nutritional supplement known as carnitine tartrate.

One of the nice things about carnitine tartrate is that it is completely natural, so there is not the concern about side effects that accompany some synthetic supplements on the market. It is a supplement that can benefit both adults and children.

The benefits of carnitine tartrate cover a variety of areas and many different types of people will see results from taking the supplement.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Help Your Recovery With Carnitine Tartrate Certain individuals who would benefit from carnitine tartrate are those who are recovering from surgery or another illness. One of the functions of carnitine tartrate is to encourage the formation of blood cells. If someone has lost a large amount... more

Help Your Recovery With Carnitine Tartrate

Certain individuals who would benefit from carnitine tartrate are those who are recovering from surgery or another illness. One of the functions of carnitine tartrate is to encourage the formation of blood cells. If someone has lost a large amount of blood, whether from surgery or another reason, carnitine tartrate would be a good supplement for them.

Carnitine tartrate also helps support a strong immune system. It does this by raising immune cell activity when you are under stress as well as supplying much needed energy to the cells of your immune system.

This heightened immune cell activity caused by carnitine tartrate will benefit those who are recovering from an illness. This supplement will also help support people when they are experiencing high levels of stress. Stress has the effect of decreasing your immune system function.

Carnitine tartrate also helps brain function and recovery by speeding up the renewal of brain tissue. This can help those who suffer from dementia or other brain illnesses.

Carnitine Tartrate and Athletes

Athletes, soldiers, and bodybuilders can definitely benefit from supplementing with carnitine tartrate. People who take carnitine tartrate on a regular basis experience decreased recovery time from the dietary supplement. Carnitine tartrate helps to reduce the soreness of your muscles after a hard workout and it also helps to reduce muscle injuries.

Carnitine tartrate helps to relieve both the mental and physical fatigue that accompanies high intensity workouts. It is a good supplement to take for high endurance athletes or those who work out at high intensities in short bursts of time.

Another way that carnitine tartrate helps benefit athletes is that it helps to increase your endurance as well as your strength. Carnitine tartrate has been shown to promote the development of new muscle mass as well as maintain it.

Carnitine also helps the heart, which can help support athletes. It helps to increase cardiac output so an athlete can do more. It also helps to lower the rate of the heart when one is under stress, whether it is physical stress or mental stress.

A high amount of exercise can actually wear down your immune system. Taking carnitine tartrate can help keep athletes or soldiers healthy throughout their intense physical training.

Carnitine Tartrate and Anti-Aging

Carnitine tartrate has been shown to help fight the aging process. One of the signs of aging is a decrease in brain function. This can show up as Alzheimer’s, dementia, or others.

Carnitine tartrate helps to slow the aging of the brain. It also helps develop certain cognitive abilities such as the aptitude to learn, memory, and concentration.

Because carnitine tartrate increases the energy supply to the body cells, it slows down the progression of aging throughout the body including the liver, muscles, heart, blood, as well as the brain.

Sources of Carnitine Tartrate

Because carnitine tartrate is a natural substance, it can be found in certain sources of food. Animal foods are the biggest sources of carnitine tartrate, including dairy products, fish, poultry, and meat. Because it is mainly found in animal protein products, vegetarians and vegans do not get adequate amounts of the substance in their daily diet.

For vegetarians, supplementing with carnitine tartrate is a smart move. The supplement can be found in capsule and pill form from a variety of sources, including online supplement stores, retail vitamin stores, and natural food establishments.

Although vegetarians and vegans will greatly benefit from carnitine tartrate, other groups of people may also consider supplementing with it. As mentioned before, athletes and those experiencing increased levels of stress should take carnitine tartrate supplements, as well as senior who want to promote and protect their mental fitness and health.

Others who may benefit from carnitine tartrate supplements include smokers, small children, expectant mothers, individuals on a low calorie diet, those who tire quickly, and individuals who suffer from diabetes and heart disease.

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Carnitine Tartrate
Brain Function
Heart Health
Immune System Health
Increases Muscle Mass
Recovery After A Workout
Brain Illnesses
Encourages Formation Of Blood Cells
Illness Recovery
Maintains Muscle Mass
Muscle Injuries
Muscle Soreness
Recovery After Surgery
Speeds Renewal Of Brain Tissue