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Chasteberry supplements are found naturally from the fruit, plants, or leaves of the Chaste tree. Although there have been no official studies to prove the benefits, women take Chasteberry supplements for gynecological concerns.

Chasteberry supplements are believed to alter the production of hormones in the body. Athletes, may take Chasteberry supplements to increase their testosterone production. Testosterone is a necessary component in building muscle.

Additional benefits believed to result from taking Chasteberry supplements are discussed in the article below as well as possible side effects and the proper dosage of taking Chasteberry supplements.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Chasteberry Supplements and Prolactin Chasteberry supplements alter prolactin production in the brain. As the prolactin amounts are changed premenstrual symptoms are believed to subside. The transformation of the production of prolactin can also help with breast discomfort and increase mil... more

Chasteberry Supplements and Prolactin

Chasteberry supplements alter prolactin production in the brain. As the prolactin amounts are changed premenstrual symptoms are believed to subside. The transformation of the production of prolactin can also help with breast discomfort and increase milk production during breast feeding.

Chasteberry supplements are believed to help individuals suffering from hyperprolactinemia which is an overproduction of prolactin in the body. Overproduction of prolactin can affect both men and women.

Prolactin affects the regularity of a woman’s menstrual cycle, but it can have even more severe effects in men. For example, prolactin can make the testicles swell, cause erectile dysfunction, and infertility.

Chasteberry supplements might help with infertility in women, because Chasteberry is believed to alter the hormone production of prolactin in the body. As the amounts of prolactin are manipulated, the Follicle Stimulating Hormone and estrogen levels increase which are both necessary for reproduction. 

Women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, which is also known to affect reproduction, can benefit from taking Chasteberry. Chasteberry supplements are often recommended to help ease the symptoms of menopause because of how Chasteberry supplements adjust the production of prolactin.

Chasteberry is also believed to slow down the effects of uterine fibroids which often cause bleeding and abdominal pain.

Other Benefits of Taking Chasteberry Supplements

The use of Chasteberry supplements in reproduction has been practiced since Roman times where it was taken to squelch the libido or to increase sexual desire. Chasteberry supplements appear to have the ability to do both depending on the amount of Chasteberry consumed.

Chasteberry supplements can be taken as an elixir when suffering from upper respiratory infections. This is because Chasteberry supplements can lessen inflammation in the body. When your lungs are inflamed due to a respiratory infection like pneumonia or bronchitis, Chasteberry supplements may help to reduce the inflammation as well as provide antioxidant benefits.

Chasteberry Supplements and Fitness

Chasteberry supplements are often taken by fitness buffs, athletes, and bodybuilders to alter the production of testosterone in the body. Many personal trainers will tell you that increased amounts of testosterone can help you to build bigger, leaner muscles.

Chasteberry Dosage

Chasteberry supplements come in capsule, tablet, and liquid form. The recommended dosage varies depending on the form and manufacturer as well as the purpose of the supplement. However, on the average you should take 400-500 milligrams a day before eating a meal.

Chasteberry supplements are available as a single dietary supplement or as an ingredient in a multivitamin supplement form for women or men’s health.

Do not get frustrated if you do not see immediate results from Chasteberry supplements. It can take up to six months before you feel different or notice any improvements. You should not take Chasteberry supplements for longer than a year unless directed to do so by your doctor.

Chasteberry Side Effects

You should always speak with a health care professional before taking any nutritional supplements including Chasteberry. Chasteberry side effects may include stomach discomfort, rashes, and vertigo.

Since Chasteberry affects the production of hormones, women on birth control or suffering from breast cancer should not take Chasteberry supplements. Chasteberry supplements may also increase your menstrual cycle flow.

Chasteberry alters the production of dopamine in the brain, so do not take Chasteberry if you are on any medications to help with your mental health or if you have Parkinson’s disease.

Chasteberry and the Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration did conduct a study on Chasteberry supplements regarding their benefit for use by menopausal women. The study used rats to determine the safety of women taking Chasteberry for menopause. Although menopausal symptoms may have subsided, the rats suffered from liver damage.

However, supplement manufacturers are allowed to use Chasteberry either in their supplements or as a standalone dietary supplement as long as they do not make any claims or promises as to what the supplement can do.

Chasteberry supplements are also known as Vitex, Abraham’s Balm, or Monk’s Pepper. Find the Chasteberry supplement to meet your needs by using the supplement finder now!


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Contraindicated For Certain Medical Conditions
Erectile Dysfunction
Swollen Testicles
Stomach Discomfort
Infertility In Men
Increased Menstrual Cycle Flow
Vitex Agnus - Castus, Hemp Tree
Increases Breast Milk Production
Increase Testosterone Production
Menopausal Symptoms
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
Respiratory Ailments
Alters Hormone Production
Breast Discomfort
Gynecological Issues
Infertility In Women