Chewable Amino Acids

Chewable Amino Acids

Cleanse/Digestion / Aid Overall Health / Increase Energy / Improve Sports

Amino acids are an essential part of the human diet, without them our bodies would not be able to complete necessary functions. They help with our stamina, both mental and physical. They are a necessary component for strength building as they are the ingredient that allows our muscles to repair themselves after tearing.

Amino acids are essentially a chain of bound peptides and polypeptides – as a whole they compose many different proteins that the body needs. There are an estimated 20 different kinds of amino acids that are produced every day.

Chewable amino acids are supplements  that are composed of the essential amino acids – these are the ones that the body is incapable of synthesizing. The body relies on you to eat them throughout the day in your diet.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Chewable Amino Acids and Dosage Generally chewable tablets are composed of at least one of the different amino acids – the body requires at least ten per day. Many of the tablets are actually made up of quite a few of the amino acids along with other essential enzymes. The tablets are mean... more

Chewable Amino Acids and Dosage

Generally chewable tablets are composed of at least one of the different amino acids – the body requires at least ten per day. Many of the tablets are actually made up of quite a few of the amino acids along with other essential enzymes. The tablets are meant for adult usage.

The actual dosage depends on what amino acid you are trying to supplement your diet with – the chewable pills range from 150mg-1000mg. The pills are meant to be used at least three times a day with meals. It is recommended that you take both a full glass of water and a small meal with them to receive the maximum benefits.

Chewable Amino Acids and Benefits

Supplementing your nutrition with amino acids can prove to have many benefits to your overall health – especially since many adults do not receive all of the nutrients they should through a well balanced diet. Having a tablet ready can be a very useful tool for adults that are constantly on the go and therefore do not have enough time to make the proper nutritious meal choices.

They can help significantly increase the duration of your stamina – in a both physical and mental sense. They are especially helpful for people who rely on endurance for their jobs, such as athletes. They can be useful for people who are worried about memory loss as well.

Chewable amino acids are a great addition to a body builders supplement regimen. In general, amino acids are what makes a body repair muscle tears – supplementing the body with them can speed up recovery time quite a bit.

Receiving the proper intake of all the essential amino acids every day can significantly help the metabolism speed up. For this reason, taking chewable amino acids would be very beneficial to a person who is trying to lose weight and therefore not eating a large amount of diverse food every day.

Chewable Amino Acids and Possible Side Effects

There are no known bad side-effects of taking amino acids through a tablet form – although, it is always recommended to have a well balanced diet. For those that receive a nutritious diet every day, the supplementation of amino acids may not actually be necessary.

Just because there have not been any ill effects reported from supplementing the diet with amino acids you should always proceed with caution. You can discuss your current diet with your doctor or licensed nutrition specialist and then go from there.

The body will suffer ill side-effects from not getting enough of the essential amino acids every day. It can only produce 10 of the 20 on its own. Without them, necessary functions will not be able to be completed. This puts you at increased risk for cardiovascular problems as well as neurological issues.

You should always read through the inactive ingredient list if you have any food related allergies. Most chewable tablets have some sort of plant protein in them, which can sometimes mean peanut protein.

Chewable Amino Acids Conclusion

For people who do not eat a very diverse diet, chewable amino acids can be very beneficial. Since the essential amino acids are only delivered through the body through digestion, a person who does not eat foods rich in the necessary proteins would not receive the correct amount of amino acids to function properly.

While the body can definitely benefit from the supplementation of chewable amino acids, it is very important to check with a doctor before you start taking the pills. They will help you assess your diet and current health needs so that you are not giving your body something that it does not need. Please remember to consult with a physician before adding anything at all to your normal dietary regimen. You can use the free supplement finder to locate the additional nutrients you need, now!


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