Chromium Picolinate

Chromium Picolinate

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Chromium picolinate is chromium with the mineral picolinate added to promote the absorption of the chromium in the body. For some reason, the body doesn’t absorb chromium supplements very well, but it recognizes picolinate as a natural mineral and will absorb it and whatever is attached to it easily. For this reason, picolinate is attached to many different mineral supplements.

Chromium picolinate can be of great assistance to those who are pre-diabetic. That is because GTF (glucose tolerance factor) aids in the circulation of sugar in the blood. When someone becomes diabetic, the blood dissipates the sugar before it can be beneficial, or the pancreas stops producing sugar. GTF can ensure the sugar in the body gets to where it needs to when it needs to.

The problem is that in recent studies, the benefits a person gets with chromium picolinate and GTF can be confusing. For diabetics, some studies seem to suggest that there is indeed a benefit from these two supplements while many studies reveal that there is no benefit. However, in specific cases, such as those with pregnancy induced diabetes and diabetes brought on by steroid use, these two supplements show some very real promise.

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Chromium Picolinate Importance While it is common for a pregnant woman to suffer from a lack of chromium, it is actually not very common for most people to suffer from this particular deficiency. However, since most people do not get enough chromium picolinate in their normal diets, many p... more

Chromium Picolinate Importance

While it is common for a pregnant woman to suffer from a lack of chromium, it is actually not very common for most people to suffer from this particular deficiency. However, since most people do not get enough chromium picolinate in their normal diets, many people feel that a supplement is necessary

As with many supplements, chromium alone is not absorbed very well in the body. That is why it is important to choose a supplement with chromium picolinate rather than chromium alone. You will find that GTF is well absorbed and you can take that instead of chromium picolinate if you are taking it as a pre-diabetic.

If you suffer from a chromium deficiency, you may have a higher risk of heart attack and diabetes. That is because it causes high blood pressure and your sugar isn’t being circulated correctly through the body.

Whenever possible, you should get the chromium you need from proper nutrition. Although most people cannot get enough chromium from food to meet the recommended daily intake, it is rare for someone to actually suffer from a deficiency of chromium.

Chromium Picolinate Benefits

Many companies market chromium for those interested keeping a healthy heart and also for strength training. In addition the benefits of chromium picolinate have been at the center of many studies as far as it effectiveness of diabetes and even obesity.

Chromium Picolinate and Obesity

Studies in obesity have yet to prove any clinically significant results. Although studies of chromium against placebo had some positive result, studies with chromium against those that dieted and exercised were not so positive. Those taking chromium picolinate supplements without diet and exercise saw a minor difference in body fat and lean muscle mass but it wasn’t much.

Another study had participants taking chromium supplements in combination with a better diet and exercise. While they fared better than those who only took the chromium picolinate supplement, the group that exercised, ate better and took the supplements did no better than a group that ate better and exercised without the chromium supplements.

Chromium Picolinate and Diabetes

In studies for diabetes, the results were a let down for many scientists. It was expected that it would assist those with diabetes to have better glucose flow through the circulatory system. The end result, however, was that only pregnant women with gestational diabetes and those with steroid induced diabetes actually benefit from chromium.

In a related study, insulin resistant smokers were tested to see if chromium would help in their resistance to the production of insulin. That study showed that chromium did make them less resistant to insulin. However, those tested, while being insulin resistant, were not diabetic.

The FDA will not extend a recommendation for chromium picolinate being used in diabetic patients; that is because the studies don’t support the supposed benefits. In some instances, doctors will prescribe chromium picolinate in patients that are diagnosed as pre-diabetic regardless of study results.

In an effort to increase the potency of chromium picolinate it is often combined with other substances. However, it is worth noting that chromium picolinate does not show nearly the same benefits as some of the more common antioxidants

Chromium Picolinate Drawbacks and Caution

This highlights certain downsides to chromium picolinate. You see, antioxidants can block the production of cancer cells and that is beneficial. However, if you ingest too much chromium picolinate you can actually harm healthy cells.

One benefit to chromium picolinate is that this particular supplement is better absorbed into the body then simple chromium is. The main reason for this is that the mineral picolinate is a common mineral in the body and it is basically accepted better by the body. This actually makes picolinate a very popular rider for several different supplements.

One word of caution; if you are taking chromium picolinate supplements that you always stick to recommended dosages. There is some concern that the combination of chromium and picolinate taken in too high a dosage can be a very bad thing.

Chromium Picolinate Side Effects

The good thing is that, when taken as prescribed, there are no known side effects from chromium picolinate. However, in some cases too much of this supplement can cause serious liver complications and in some cases even death. While this is not common, some of the more common side effects of taking too much chromium picolinate are fatigue, headaches dizziness, nausea, vomiting and nose bleeds.

Talking to a doctor first is always a good idea when taking any supplement, but especially when taking chromium picolinate. That is because not only can chromium picolinate interfere with prescribed medications, but more frightening is that this particular supplement can make taking certain over the counter medication dangerous. This is the reason why the FDA recommends that if you want to take chromium picolinate you should always consult with a physician first.

Chromium Picolinate, Pregnancy and Precautions

Due to the lack of studies done in conjuncture with chromium picolinate and pregnant women, it is not recommended that pregnant women take this supplement. Without proper studies, there is no way to know what the possible effects could be. As an added note, those with diabetes and liver ailments like liver disease should never take chromium picolinate.

The bottom line is that you need to use caution when taking this supplement. Many people confuse natural with safe and the truth is that natural supplements can cause serious problems. It is always advised that before you take any supplements that you talk to a physician regarding the possible problem they may cause.

Chromium Picolinate Supplements

Typically, you will find that this supplement is marketed to those in the health industry as a metabolism enhancer as well as a supplement for those with diabetes and pre-diabetes.

As chromium picolinate relates to the strength training industry, there is no conclusive evidence that this supplement does anything to benefit weight trainers.  However, this does not stop the manufactures of chromium picolinate from marketing this supplement as a potential energy enhancer.

However, if you feel that chromium picolinate supplements are just the thing for you then you will be happy to know that chromium picolinate supplements are quite affordable, usually starting at just a few dollars for a bottle. Use the free supplement finder to start your search now!


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