Citrus Sinensis (Whole Plant Part)

Citrus Sinensis (Whole Plant Part)

Aid Overall Health / Cleanse/Digestion / Lose Weight

Citrus Sinensis is simply the scientific name for the sweet Valencia orange fruit. Citrus Sinensis are taken as a dietary supplement for the same benefits of eating an orange. People believe that in concentrated amounts it can help with weight loss, boost your immune system, and relieve stress.

Citrus Sinensis is a natural dietary supplement available in an oil, capsule, or cut up orange peel. Citrus Sinensis does not have any proven side effects, but sensitivities to Citrus Sinensis are listed in the article below.

Learn about the benefits of Citrus Sinensis supplements and how to take the oils, capsules, or peel to achieve the greatest results.  

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Citrus Sinensis and Weight Loss Studies have been conducted that proved that the peel from Citrus Sinensis oranges helped individuals to lose weight. The study determined that this was due to the high levels of vitamin C found in the peel. Citrus Sinensis Health Benefits Citrus Sin... more

Citrus Sinensis and Weight Loss

Studies have been conducted that proved that the peel from Citrus Sinensis oranges helped individuals to lose weight. The study determined that this was due to the high levels of vitamin C found in the peel.

Citrus Sinensis Health Benefits

Citrus Sinensis supplements may lower cholesterol. A study was conducted where individuals were administered Citrus Sinensis supplements. The individuals showed decreased unhealthy cholesterol levels but the healthy cholesterol levels were increased. Blood pressure levels also decreased.

Studies conducted on Citrus Sinensis determined that the flavonoid found in Citrus Sinensis balanced levels of glucose stabilizing insulin levels in laboratory animals.

Citrus Sinensis supplements may help your stomach digest foods. The peel of the orange contains properties which kill off bacteria in the intestines.

Citrus Sinensis also assists the body in digestion, easing colic, gas, heartburn, and diarrhea. This is why we are often served an orange on our plate at a restaurant. However, the true benefit comes from the peel.

After a study performed on the peel from Citrus Sinensis it was determined that the properties from the peel stopped the production of the protein that causes inflammation in the human body.

Citrus Sinensis supplements boost your immune system due to the many vitamins and minerals found in the orange. The orange is full of fiber, calcium, phosphorous, potassium, vitamin A, and ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid is what makes up vitamin C.

Citrus Sinensis Mental Health Benefits

Many believe that the oils from Citrus Sinensis provide mental health benefits. In fact, the sweet smelling oils can be mixed with other herbs and used in a bath or as a mist to relieve symptoms of depression or anxiety.

Citrus Sinensis and Exercise Benefits

Besides helping you to lose weight, Citrus Sinensis supplements in the form of oils can relieve the symptoms of sore muscles after a workout. It is believed that if you rub Citrus Sinensis oils on your sore muscles, it will help to dissipate the lactic acid in your body.

Citrus Sinensis and Cosmetic Benefits

There are many products which use Citrus Sinensis for cosmetic benefits. Citrus Sinensis enhances the aroma of the product in shampoos, astringents, and lotions.

You can even use Citrus Sinensis to whiten your teeth. Simply mix orange peel with bay leaves and wipe the paste on your teeth. Continue to use until you obtain the whiteness you desire.

Citrus Sinensis Side Effects

Citrus Sinensis supplement side effects have not been extensively studied. In fact, most studies or reports have been done on the fruit of the orange. The FDA does consider Citrus Sinensis as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe).

However, if a person suffers from allergic reactions to the orange fruit, it is possible that they could have a reaction to the supplement as well. For instance, individuals who suffer from asthma or respiratory problems may experience symptoms after consuming Citrus Sinensis supplements.

Rashes have also been reported from the oils in the orange peel. It would be difficult to get a rash from Citrus Sinensis supplements, but someone who has a contact sensitivity to the peel could possibly have a sensitivity to the Citrus Sinensis supplement.

You should always consult a medical professional before beginning to take any new supplements.

Citrus Senensis Dosage and Uses

Citrus Senensis supplements are available in a capsule or oil. When taken as a capsule it is recommended to swallow two capsules twice a day.

The oil can be used as an additive in foods, drinks, or bath. Simply add flavor with a drop or two. The oil can also be rubbed onto sore muscles to break down the lactic acid.

Citrus Senensis supplements can be purchased as crushed up orange peel which is usually the purest form.

Citrus Senensis is often used in nutritional supplements as the form of Vitamin C. When used as an ingredient in a supplement, follow the dosage instruction on the supplement for optimum benefits.

Citrus Senensis supplements provide many health, mental, fitness, and cosmetic benefits. Enjoy using Citrus Senensis for a better you. Compare Citrus Senensis supplements by using the supplement finder now!


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