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Colostrum is formed naturally by females but only during late pregnancy and early birth. High in antibodies as well as carbohydrates and protein, colostrum is a natural food designed to give your baby all of the nutrients he needs when he first comes into the world. Since colostrum has so many healthy benefits, many people are now taking colostrums supplements.

Before a mother’s milk comes in, she will release colostrum, a thick yellow substance excreted from the nipples. Her newborn will feed on this for the first few days of life and then the mother will begin lactating regular breast milk.

While women can generally produce breast milk as long as the baby keeps nursing (or she stimulates nursing via pumping), the natural flow of colostrum only lasts a few days. Since colostrum is such a precious commodity with high nutritional  benefits, it is coveted by many. In order to offer colostrum as a supplement, the colostrum is extracted from bovines.

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Colostrum Benefits As baby’s first nutritional intake outside of the womb, colostrum is naturally loaded with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies. It is low in fat so that the newborn is able to easily digest this new form of food source. One of the biggest intri... more

Colostrum Benefits

As baby’s first nutritional intake outside of the womb, colostrum is naturally loaded with vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and antibodies. It is low in fat so that the newborn is able to easily digest this new form of food source.

One of the biggest intrigues of colostrum for adults is in its immune building capabilities. Since colostrum is loaded with antibodies, it is great for warding off viruses and bacteria that are harmful.

Many athletes take colostrum supplements as an energy booster as well. Some studies indicate that colostrum helps you retain energy, helping you get a more intense workout. While this certainly can assist in aerobic exercise, studies also show that there is benefit during anaerobic exercise, such as weight training.

Colostrum supplements come from bovines that are usually injected with hyper-immune vaccinations. This is supposed to aid against diarrhea that is caused by AIDS as well as against other human diseases, however there is no scientific link proving that this is effective for humans.

Colostrum and Questions About Effectiveness

Since colostrum supplements come from bovines and not humans, there is question as to whether the benefits are truly existent. Although some antibodies are interchangeable, the antibodies in colostrum from bovines may not be effective in Homo sapiens.

However, there are no known negative side effects from taking colostrum supplements (with the possible exception of weight gain; see section below). Therefore, taking colostrum supplements may be a good way to try and boost your antibodies and your energy without incurring any risks.

There are only minute traces, if any, of lactose in colostrum, so there should be no problems taking colostrum for people who are lactose intolerant. If you are lactose intolerant or vegan, you can take the liquid form of colostrum supplements which is completely free of any lactose.

Colostrum Supplements and Weight Gain

Since colostrum supplements are not considered harmful and they may provide significant health benefits, taking the recommended amount of doses may be advantageous. However, there is a side effect of colostrum supplements for which you may need to compensate.

Colostrum is low in fat but it is very high in calories, therefore you may find your weight increasing if you take colostrum supplements. You can compensate for this weight gain by increasing your exercise and balancing your diet so that you closely following the food pyramid guide.

Colostrum Dosage and Formulations

You can start out taking 2,000mg of colostrum supplements and then adjust your dose down until you are feeling optimal. Be aware that when you first begin taking colostrum supplements, the high antibody count will go to work flushing toxins out of your body.

This can make you feel nauseous or leave you with other symptoms. Drink plenty of water to help flush the toxins out of your system and your body should regain balance within a few days.

Colostrum supplements come in liquid or powder. The liquid is completely lactose free, but the powder is considered to be more effective, especially for athletes. This may be because the minute traces of lactose are left in place in the powder form.

Capsules are better than tablets because tablets undergo a high heat treatment that sacrifices some of the nutritional value. You can also buy it as a powder and mix it with water to drink as a beverage. This method is also suggested for athletes, especially if consumed approximately one hour prior to working out to maximize the energy values.

If you are not sure if you should be taking colostrum supplements, it is a good idea to consult with your physician. Although there are no known harmful side effects, there is always the unknown factor any time you take a supplement. Your doctor can help you determine if colostrum supplements are right for you. Use the supplement finder now!


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