Cuminum Cyminum Extract

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Cuminum cyminum extract is one of those substances whose name might be a bit deceiving. It is not a obscure substance that most of us are unaware of, we just know it by a different name.

The extract itself comes from the cuminum cyminum plant, which is classified as an herb belonging to the parsley family. This herb is most often the cultivated for its seeds, which produce the common spice we know as cumin.

Cumin is a very powerful and aromatic spice which is a staple of many Middle Eastern diets. It's also widely used in Mexican and Southwestern American cuisine in things like chili powder, hot sauce, and barbecue sauce.

Cumin has a very distinct flavor which adds richness and heat to your food. Beyond just the culinary properties of cumin, the herb from which it comes is one of those rare substances with proven medical benefits when used in moderation. You may get your cumin in your diet, or take a cuminum cyminum supplement.

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Cuminum Cyminum Extract and Medical Uses Three of the most common medical uses for this herb are in treatments for jaundice, dyspepsia, and diabetes. Where diabetes is concerned, cumin is sometimes used as part of a treatment to control blood glucose levels, mainly because of its hypoglyce... more

Cuminum Cyminum Extract and Medical Uses

Three of the most common medical uses for this herb are in treatments for jaundice, dyspepsia, and diabetes. Where diabetes is concerned, cumin is sometimes used as part of a treatment to control blood glucose levels, mainly because of its hypoglycemic properties.

While taking cuminum cyminum extract alone as a single treatment for diabetes would not be successful, in concert with some other natural substances it has been proven to be very effective in laboratory rats.

Cuminum cyminum extract is also used as part of some cancer treatments. This is due to its ability to help the body's natural abilities to fight off carcinogens.

In separate studies cuminum cyminum was found to help reduce the instance of neoplasia and hepatomas, otherwise known as abnormal cell growth resulting in cancer. Exactly why this is the case has not yet been determined, but the evidence is there to suggest it's true nonetheless.

Cuminum Cyminum Extract and Other Benefits

Cuminum cyminum extract has many uses in a variety of nutritional supplements. For products aimed at bodybuilders and athletes, cuminum cyminum extract is beneficial. 

It aids in digestion, reduces the likelihood of abdominal pain and cramps, and helps regulate the cardiovascular system. All three of these benefits can help the athlete perform better and recover faster when used in conjunction with other supplements.

As an ingredient in supplements designed for overall good health you will often see cuminum cyminum extract marketed with additional benefits. According to the National Institutes of Health, these include reducing cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood stream, promoting digestive balance through the control of bacteria, and an enhanced ability of the body to naturally fight off fungal infections.

Other benefits include reducing excess gas and bloating, treating flatulence, and stimulating the sexual organs. Lending credence to these is the fact that ancient civilizations going back thousands of years have used cumin in their foods specifically for these reasons.

As a supplement you almost always find cuminum cyminum extract has an ingredient in a more comprehensive product. As an example, several bodybuilding supplements include it as an ingredient to help in thermogenic weight loss.

When it comes to supplements for overall good health it's usually ingredient in a tablet or capsule containing dozens of other ingredients. You may find cuminum cyminum extract in some limited instances as a standalone supplement in powder form.

Cuminum Cyminum Extract Efficacy

Although clinical studies are plentiful to prove Cuminum Cyminum Extract offers the benefits listed above, the question of its efficacy in relation to dosage is still a matter of question. For example, the seeds of the herb are high in iron content in relation to their size and density.

But because of the way the body metabolizes cumin, it's generally accepted that a person would have to eat impractically large amounts to find it useful as an iron supplement. That same question surrounds the efficacy of cuminum cyminum extract as an ingredient in dietary supplements.

Furthermore, since there are no established guidelines for daily dosage, it's hard to say how much of this herb should be used. Supplement users must rely on product manufacturers for guidance in terms of how much of the ingredient is included in a given supplement and how much of that supplement should be consumed on a daily basis.

Cuminum Cyminum Extract Side Effects

The good news is, there's also no known adverse side effects from taking cuminum cyminum extract under normal circumstances. The one exception to the side effects issue would be for those who have sensitivities to spicy foods.

As a spice, cumin does a very good job at enhancing the flavor and potency of other spices; this is the primary reason it is used in chili powder. Individuals who are prone to heartburn from spicy foods might do well to use cumin with that in mind.

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Cancer Treatment
Cardiovascular Health
Lowering Cholesterol
Stabilizes Blood Sugar
Reduces Cramps
Reduces Flatulence
Reduces Gas
Reduce Stomach Pain
Stimulates Sexual Organs
Thermogenic Weight Loss
Cuminum Cyminum Extract