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Di-Arginine Malate

Aid Overall Health / Build Muscle / Burn Fat

The main role of Di-Arginine Malate is to help you maintain the correct amount of nitrogen in your muscles. By taking a supplement form of Di-Arginine Malate, the overall amount of nitric oxide in the body can be increased, and help build muscle mass.

Taking Di-Arginine Malate as a supplement in conjunction with Malic Acid can also help in overall weight control and can burn fat and increase muscles. Read on to learn more about the uses, side effects and recommended dosage for this substance.

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Benefits of Di-Arginine Malate There are several different benefits of Di-Arginine Malate including the aforementioned ability to help build muscle. Di-Arginine Malate can also improve circulatory health, promote a healthy sex drive, and improve the body’s ability to deliver nutrients, hel... more

Benefits of Di-Arginine Malate

There are several different benefits of Di-Arginine Malate including the aforementioned ability to help build muscle. Di-Arginine Malate can also improve circulatory health, promote a healthy sex drive, and improve the body’s ability to deliver nutrients, help remove excess water from the body, increase growth hormone levels, and promote healing.

Bodybuilders can benefit from taking Di-Arginine Malate because it has very few side effects.Taking this supplement has been known to provide an intense, long lasting workout that can ultimately result in an increase in overall strength.

Some individuals report that Di-Arginine Malate is just as effective as creatine, which is possibly the most popular bodybuilding supplement.

Di-Arginine Malate and L-Arginine Compared

While L-Arginine can be beneficial for the body, it is important to note the differences between Di-Arginine Malate and L-Arginine.

Di-Arginine Malate is considered much more stable in that it has better absorption capabilities. In addition, it can raise the body’s nitric oxide levels faster and more efficiently, allowing muscles to grow quicker.

In addition, Di-Arginine Malate also is able to enhance the immune system, and has fewer overall side effects than L-Arginine. Di-Arginine Malate also helps the body recover faster, repair tissue, and help build tendons.

Di-Arginine Malate Side Effects and Warnings

Di-Arginine Malate is most likely considered safe for most people if it is taken on a short term basis by mouth. Some of the side effects associated with Di-Arginine Malate include abdominal pain, diarrhea, allergies and low blood pressure.

  • Pregnant women can take Di-Arginine Malate safely on a short term basis when approved by your physician. However, there is not a lot of information known about using Di-Arginine Malate during pregnancy, so it is better to avoid taking it while you are pregnant.
  • Parents or physicians can administer small doses of Di-Arginine Malate to premature babies; however, care must be taken as large amount can cause major side effects including death.
  • If you have allergies or asthma, you should not take Di-Arginine Malate as it can make your conditions worse. If you must take Di-Arginine Malate, do so with extreme caution and always under a physician’s guidance.
  • If you have herpes, taking Di-Arginine Malate can make your condition worse. In fact, if you consume Di-Arginine Malate while you have herpes, the virus can multiply.
  • If you have low blood pressure, do not take Di-Arginine Malate supplements as it can cause an unsafe and potentially fatal drop in blood pressure.
  • Di-Arginine Malate can also cause problems if you have recently had a heart attack, especially in the elderly. In fact, if you have had a recent heart attack and then take Di-Arginine Malate, it can lead to death.

Di-Arginine Malate can also cause issues with blood pressure control during surgery. If you have a surgery scheduled in the next 14 days, do not take Di-Arginine Malate as it can interfere. This supplement is designated as GRAS (Generally Recognized As Safe) by the FDA.

Di-Arginine Malate Powders as Weight Lifting Supplements

Since Di-Arginine Malate helps the body naturally release growth hormones, it has proved beneficial for weight lifters. It is also much safer and much more cost effective than taking a human growth hormone injection.

As you get older, the amount of growth hormones in your body drops, causing a loss of muscle and the addition of fat. Studies have shown that Di-Arginine Malate helps decrease the amount of fat that is built up in the body. Combined with a workout plan and a healthy diet, this supplement can help substantially build lean muscle.

It is important to take Di-Arginine Malate on an empty stomach if you are a heavy weight lifter. Taking Di-Arginine Malate before a meal can cause an increase of growth hormone almost instantly.

Weight lifters and body builders can take anywhere from 10 to 30 grams of Di-Arginine Malate. However, it should not be taken in a capsule form as more than 20 capsules would be needed to have an effect on the growth hormone.

In addition, no type of growth hormone releasers should be used on children who have not yet completed their overall long bone growth.

Professional and amateur athletes can benefit from Di-Arginine Malate as it can help increase energy and maintain strong and healthy bones.

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