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Evodiamine is a plant based alkaloid that has been shown to reduce fat in lab animals. However, there are no clinical studies that have proven that this also works for humans. There are a few other benefits, however, that make evodiamine a potentially worthy supplement with few known side effects.

Although evodiamine is primarily used as a weight loss tool, it is also considered to be effective as an inhibitor to cancer. Since there are limited studies on evodiamine in Homo sapiens it is difficult to determine all of its benefits. However, there do not seem to be any apparent negative side effects, so it may prove be to very a advantageous supplement.

Used for years as a Chinese herb for medicinal purposes, evodiamine can be purchased in powder or caplet form. There are no recommended dosages for the supplement and it is difficult to purchase as a standalone. Rather, it is typically found as an ingredient in weight loss products. However, you can buy the Chinese herbal supplement, Wu Zhu Yu.

Not all types of physical activity are suitable for everyone. Users take training advice at their own personal risk.


Evodiamine Origin Fructus Evodia is the pharmaceutical name for Evodia Rutaecarpa, or the Evodia Fruit tree. The Evodia Fruit tree can grow to be 10 meters tall and the fruit of the tree is what is used to make the herbs and supplements.  The fruit is gathered in late summer (such as A... more

Evodiamine Origin

Fructus Evodia is the pharmaceutical name for Evodia Rutaecarpa, or the Evodia Fruit tree. The Evodia Fruit tree can grow to be 10 meters tall and the fruit of the tree is what is used to make the herbs and supplements

The fruit is gathered in late summer (such as August) or in late autumn (such as November). After being sun-dried the fruit is usually soaked in a type of licorice root. Bitter and hot to the taste, this may be nature’s way of warning that the fruit is slightly toxic due to the alkalinity.

Alkaline in the body is very natural and, when balanced with the acidity in your body, you have very healthy pH levels.  Too much alkaline, however, is not good; just as too much acid is a problem. While alkaline helps neutralize the acid in your body, too much alkaline means metabolic waste is building up in your body. A healthy medium is what you need for optimal health.

Evodiamine Uses

Used for centuries for nausea and other stomach ailments, the Chinese sell evodiamine as a medicinal herb. Additionally, it is considered to be a cold remedy and pain reliever.

The majority of people who buy evodiamine supplements today are not buying it for its ability to aid the liver, spleen, or stomach. Rather, they are buying it as a weight loss supplement.

  • Calorie burner: Some studies indicate that evodiamine works as a weight loss tool in that it causes an increase in your body temperature, which in turn burns calories and suppresses your appetite. Other studies done in lab animals show results that demonstrate evodiamine actually has thermogenic properties, which can also aid in weight loss.
  • Appetite suppressant: Another reason evodiamine is known as a weight loss supplement is that one of its side effects includes loss of appetite. If you are looking to use this supplement as an energy booster then this may be an adverse affect, but if you are looking for weight loss then this may be a natural appetite suppressant.
  • Healing properties: In addition to its weight loss potential, evodiamine is believed to have healing properties. Cancer cells have been inhibited in vitro by evodiamine and so has metastases of some cancer. Furthermore, evodiamine may help lower blood pressure and reduce inflammation.

Other uses include relieving diarrhea, vomiting, ulcers, and pain. Evodiamine supplements also have the potential of boosting energy and lifting spirits because of its affect on the adrenal glands.

Evodiamine Supplements

It is not easy to find pure evodiamine supplements, although it is available as a Chinese herb, as mentioned in the beginning. The easiest way to get evodiamine is in various weight loss products. You can find it listed as an ingredient, although it may not be one of the primary ingredients.

The reason you may not be able to buy evodiamine supplements, and the reason that it is not used as an active ingredient in weight loss formulas, is because it has yet to be proven effective in human beings. Although lab tests have come back with very positive results, tests remain inconclusive since testing has yet to be done on Homo sapiens.

Until further testing is done it will be hard to buy evodiamine in a pure form. Recommended doses will also not be determined until testing is complete and various dosages are established for different needs. In the meantime, you can compare and buy diet products with the supplement finder that will help you with your weight loss goals, now!


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