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GABA, or gamma amino butyric acid, is a naturally occurring chemical in the body, made by neurons. It is a significant and important chemical in promoting muscle health and brain activity. Developed in your own body, GABA is a natural acid. However, GABA supplements can be taken to increase brain activity and improve overall health.

The function of GABA in the brain is complicated. On one hand, it is solely responsible for regulating muscle tone in human beings, and for providing orders for various functions of the body. GABA is also a main transmitter. Because of this, it is safe to say that it is responsible for controlling the undisturbed rest that we need in order heal and recover.

The absence of GABA in the body can lead to a variety of illnesses and health issues. Healthy amounts of GABA allow the brain to operate at normal levels. Conversely, a shortage of GABA in the brain can lead to brain dysfunction. Gamma amino butyric acid creates a very unique sensation. Because of this, supplements of GABA can be important in making the amount of the neurotransmitters in our bodies, as well as improving our overall health and wellness.

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Studies have proven that the regulation of brain activity, as well as various body functions, is attributed to the output of GABA in the body. Aside from these functions, however, GABA can also contribute to the production of hormones that promote growth. Growth hormones are important to our b... more

Studies have proven that the regulation of brain activity, as well as various body functions, is attributed to the output of GABA in the body. Aside from these functions, however, GABA can also contribute to the production of hormones that promote growth. Growth hormones are important to our body's ability to make and maintain regenerative cells.

GABA also contributes to the regulation of sleep and rest; both functions of the brain. Conversely, it also controls the brain's capacity to launch excitement neurons. It's important to note here that the incapacity for relaxation and sleep is directly linked to agitation that has been uncontrolled.

Stress and depression are also linked to the lack of sleep and relaxation. Gamma amino butyric acid may actually help in reducing levels of stress and depression; leaving us feeling more relaxed and allowing our bodies to regenerate.

GABA Benefits

GABA supplements, which can be taken orally, help individuals to achieve that necessary deep sleep. As you know, sleep is necessary for overall good health. Healthy sleep, however, provides even more benefits. In fact, it allows the body to conduct necessary maintenance on muscles that may be damaged and cells that need to be regenerated.

Sleep helps our body to produce various specific chemicals that are necessary for regeneration. This means that if we do not have adequate amounts of sleep, no repair can occur and the body suffers from muscle tension, muscle stiffness, muscle degeneration, and more.

The effects of GABA on electrical impulses found in the brain are both calming and rhythmic. A brain deficient in GABA only receives neurological impulses in short, irregular spurts, but a balanced brain is able to receive smooth, regular impulses. The GABA deficient brain experiences dysrhythmia; and irregular and uncomfortable sense of being.

There is anecdotal evidence that GABA can improve exercise performance and help burn fat. However, clinical proof for all these claims are still needed. Other supplements like creatine have a lot more research backing there claims.

GABA Deficiency

GABA deficiency is not uncommon with today's active and hectic lifestyles. Several factors can play a part in a deficiency of gamma amino butyric acid. Such factors include stress, and toxins within the environment. Even the caffeine commonly found in soda and coffee for example, can easily deplete the level of GABA in the brain. The result is straightforward: less GABA equals more nerve transmissions. The feeling you get when you drink too much coffee is directly linked to overproduction of glutamate when compared to insufficient GABA levels.

Many disorders can be directly linked to our brain being unable to produce enough GABA. These include symptoms of anxiety such as shortness of breath, feelings of unease, feelings of detachment, and even paranoia. Other symptoms include headaches, heart palpitations, a decreased sex drive, irritability, hypertension and high blood pressure, heart problems, and seizures/epilepsy.

GABA is directly linked to feelings of well-being or emotional chaos in the brain. Insufficient amounts of GABA can lead to such disorders as high blood pressure, epilepsy, and even heart problems. Certain factors in our everyday lives can contribute to these insufficient amounts.

These factors include toxins in the environment as well as toxins that we put into our bodies. It is important to discover ways to prevent GABA levels from becoming depleted in the body in order to maintain a healthier sense of well-being.

GABA Side Effects and Interactions

Until more research is done, the potential side effects and interactions of GABA are not known. If you do take GABA, keep your doctor informed and be alert for any physical or emotional changes that occur. To find and compare GABA and other options you can use the supplement finder now! 


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